Cutting basil back hard?

undermind(zone8)June 11, 2011

I know this is a commonly discussed, but I'm thinking about cutting my basil back really hard. It has been an awful spring, and I thought my basil wasn't going to recover from the damage they took during some very cold nights. The existing leaves are looking really bad, but there IS new growth low on the stems.

What I'd like to do is cut back the stems right down to the new growth. I'm hoping the plants will focus all their energy on the new growth this way. I just didn't want to be too aggressive and thought I would ask first. They would be trying to get all their sunshine from the little 1/8 - 1/4" leaves this way..


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As long as you leave the new growth it should be fine. It will make them bushier too. Happy chopping!

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Mine was getting woody and blooming last week. My little ones werent ready to use and I was making pesto so I cut it back hard. It's coming back with tender new growth, twice as bushy.

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Yup, basil is a trooper. Go for it!

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