Like Frank--we love our hosta AND our pets!! Post your pix!

JaniceJuly 21, 2011

I'm in and out in a very few mins. (been a long, long day) but I am taking nutmeg's (Michele's) advice and starting a thread that doesn't hijack Frank's (or push us over the edge on the discussion side) so we can brag on our pets! Go for it--I want to see all your pets! I'll post more pix of dogs and Ragdoll kitty when I can!!

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Crash as a puppy

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Crash 2 years later and 60 lbs heavier.


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Oh, Dan--*Crash* is adorable as a pup and an adult!!! Love his face--his eyes are adoring, obvious of the one behind the camera!!!

I am not able to post pix yet! My computer has SERIOUS issues we are trying to resolve. We're thinking I have a trojan buried deeply and is preventing upgraded virus programs from downloading and scanning! Sigh! Right now I'm using hubby's laptop!

Michele--we're waiting to see your *other* loves, too! :o)


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Heard a mewling coming from the ditch several years ago. Found a tiny, terrified Manx kitten.
He would peek at me from under large hosta leaves and want to play. It took about two weeks to get him touchable.
"Munch" isn't so little anymore. This is Munch, post-catnip.
(Does anyone ELSE hear The Grateful Dead playing? lol)

"Pris" was a feral kitten we fed outside. Coaxed her inside one cold, winter day with food, and when the door closed behind her she freaked out. She went on to live in the basement for several months, exclusively. Only saw her when I used a flashlight behind the'd see two terrified eyes. THANKFULLY, she used the litter box from day one.
Since the cat food bowls sit right next to the door to the basement, I made a new rule. If she wants to eat, she'll have to come up to the top of those steps and eat with Munch. (He just wanted to play with her, nonagressive.) She would grab a mouthful of food and fly back downstairs, food falling out of her mouth the entire way.
Almost two years later, she's probably as normal as she will ever get. She's completely touchable and plays and purrs, but you can only pick her up for 10 seconds, max. (At first, the efforts resulted in her screaming like she was being skinned alive. Now, just a mild whimper, lol.)
I did manage to get her into a cat carrier to be spayed. The vet said he did NOT have a good time.
I would have liked to have seen him get her out of that carrier.

Munch lets everyone know that she is his property.

He isn't kidding around.

Munch doesn't know how much more of this hot weather he'll be able to take...sigh.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

here is a combination of two pictures to show my aquarium, there are to vastly different lights in the tank, so that explains the contrast.. I have a lot of Clown Loachs in the tank..but they often hide as is the case with this picture. On the left are 6 big silver dollars i have had for years. there are some big fancy Plecostomus (hiding as well).

leaning against the back are BIG pieces of flagstone, I drilled and made the holes in them for the fish to go through. I udsed to keep a lot of African Cichlids, and they love the rock, and the ph of the stone.

The tank is 2 feet tall 8 feet long, and 2 feet front to back.. It is right at 240 gallons.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Here is a pic of my cats. Newton,the Maine Coon cat on the right,and Magic,the black one,when they would sit together. Unfortunately Newton passed away in 2008. He just stopped eating and wasted away. We still have Magic.a female domestic shorthair. Newton was a male. Phil

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Meet Choco! (pron. CHAW-ko)
He's a 3 1/2 month old Papillon. He's about 6 lbs and if he gets to be as big as his mom, he'll top out at 14 lbs... a bit big for a Papillon.

Very smart... knows about 10 commands already. Not a yipper, but an "alerter". Pretty much fully potty trained, but he's not fully trust-able yet. He chews on things he's not supposed to... a bit of a challenge when you have a 5 year old girl with Barbies, My Little Ponies and fairy costumes!

To my surprise, yesterday with 17 strangers and 3 folks he has only met once, he really only barked at the first guests and he didn't jump up on anyone after Paul (whom he'd met before).

I'd like to get another Papillon too. We'd adopted Choco's littermate, Chip, but he was a little too aggressive and over-active for our family, so he went back to the breeder after 12 days. Choco is a perfect fit!

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Bianca the Bunny Hunter

Bianca takes her work seriously, stalking bunnies, looking out of the windows while in the house and demanding to go outside if she sees one. While outside she places herself in a strategic position where she can see all of the gardens and will immediately spring into action when confronted with any small furry brown movement. She's not available for rental. Sorry.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Here are our two rescues-
First, Clouseau
From Drop Box

...and his mom, Annabelle- From Drop Box

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Beautiful dogs. And I love the cat next to the bowl. Needs a caption - 'I can't believe I ate the whole thing."

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Some seriously photogenic dogs in this last group!

Melissa, VERY cute dog.

Steve, it's great your dog controls the rabbits. Mine hasn't caught any yet and seems more preoccupied with the squirrels :)

cyn427, Clouseau is a really attractive mix. I think if I saw him I would have brought him home too. Great looking dog!


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sheilaschnauzies(Z5 Eastern Nebraska)

Here is my youngest rescue girl, Ladybug. She is a 3 y/o Miniature Schnauzer. She came into my rescue two years ago on the 4th of July and we bonded like super glue. She is just mama's baby!

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My companion Amber. I have to work on photographing my aquariums. My favorite fish are of the Neolamprologus Pulcher complex that are called Fairy Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, Neolamprologus 'Helianthus'. Love your aquarium Leafwatcher: which African, Malawi or Tanganyika? My Julidochromis transcriptus "Pemba" would love your caves.


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

For all the African Cichlids I have had over the years, I am really down to mainly Clown Loach, Silver Dollars, and various catfish/Pleco's.

This tank was once an active Malawi colony of hundreds of fish, with a few Tangyanika. I really like the Compressiceps family of fish also. For awhile it seemed like they were all breeding like crazy.. When I quit selling/trading to a local aquarium shop, I cut way back on my aquariums..

This tank was also a C. Frontosa colony, with the Burundi type, and even some Zaire Blue for awhile.

I am tempted to go back to Malawi Cichlids, they are so active and colorful.

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Adopted 2 this April - pup Riley and 4yr old Sophie.

Sophie was a bit timid around men after get physically tackled during her rescue. But we could see she was a very sweet dog. Spent 4 months in rescue facility for various reasons - took about 3-4 weeks in our home to see her relax.

We credit Riley with helping Sophie adjust - Riley is very persistent in wanting to play. Both are Shepherd mixes and looks like Riley will be bigger than Sophie in time.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Love all the pups and cats!

Thanks for the kind words about Clouseau, Dan. He really is pretty, but even better, he is quite simply the best dog I have ever had. He is smart, sweet, goofy, and playful. I need him to live forever!

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These are my rescues. Wills was found walking the streets of Philadelphia, picked up by the pound, and fostered at a sanctuary that had experience with "fancy cats." He was very sick with an upper respiratory infection and nursed back to health. I saw him on petfinder and the rest is history.

Kate was dropped off in front of a shelter in Whitehall, PA. They posted her photo on petfinder, and you guessed it, the rest is history. Love seeing all the photos of your beautiful kids!


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This is Cujo, vole hunter extraordinaire. In 2006 people in the neighborhood moved away and just left him here. Their loss; he's a great cat. Loves to hunt whatever he can bring down. It's always vole season for him. He's also a lap cat. Sit down when he's around, and he's planted on your lap.

Don B.

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There he goes...

Don B.

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This is Murphy. I heard a noise from what sounded like a dog across the street from where I worked, so I went to investigate. What I found was a very excited fox that had Murphy cornered against a tree stump. The fox took off when I arrived, so I ruined it's meal. Took Murphy home. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep him, but we found him a home with some friends that took him in.

Don B.

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