keep it or move it?

dansgrdnJuly 26, 2007

I thought I would answer Janice's cordial invite and post this question. I revamped this area of my garden early this Spring and added the spherical fountain and rocks, and removed some cluttered plants that weren't working for me. The hostas came up as a bonus. I planted them a few years ago and they must have gotten temporarily overtaken by other plants. With the cultivating of the soil I did, I'm not sure they're planted at the right depth but they're spreading like crazy, kind of in an ununiform way. I'm pretty sure they're 'Golden Tiara' and they are quite a bite wider now, than in this picture. My question is, I am considering moving the center 'Golden Tiara' and replacing it with another hosta, (something a little more showy, and more structural in appearance, small to moderate in size) any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks, Dan

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Oh my word, Dan--that's just beautiful as it is!! But, if you have to replace that one, in the center, how about something with some blue in it, like 'Halcyon' or 'Fragrant Blue'? I think a blue would really set off the chartreuse tones you already have going (which I dearly love, btw)!

I'm sure others will have some even better ideas, but boy, it sure is a very lovely, lovely setting!

So glad you 'came over' to visit with us! Have you posted before, here or on the Discussion side? I'm back and forth between these two alot!

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Janice,I've only posted twice on the hosta forums. Once on the discussions (some pics from Butchart gardens and and introduction of myself) and this post here. I really like the idea of the conversations though, so I can wander a bit off topic without having to worry about it. I like your idea of adding some blue. The hosta that first comes to mind, that I already have is 'Touch of Class'. A little blue, a little chartreuse, waddayathink?

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What a lovely garden. I love your Japanese Maples! I have some babies that I am really enjoying. I agree about adding a blue. Touch of Class is always nice. I would also scatter some more hostas in those open spaces.

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hostared(Z5, IL)

I like it just the way it is. The Golden Tiara has very nice blooms so a consideration to leave could be in order.

I wouldn't place a blue in that scape becaue the contrast would not blend. But if you are looking for a pop of gold color I would consider Inniswood or Orange Marmalade or Daybreak to bring out more gold.

It's a very nice display of plants.

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Yeah, yeah--'Touch of Class' or 'June' or 'Paul's Glory' even would look VERY NICE! But, I do like it 'as is'!
Either way, it will still be a very lovely spot!


Again, glad you've found us, over here, and hope you stay awhile and become a frequent contributor
to the community at the Hosta Forum! We enjoy 'folks' who love their gardens, pets, other critters and so on!

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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

Your garden looks very serene. Nice color and foliage contrast. Love the water feature.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

move it.. that cute little plant is going to turn into a giant ugly mass next year ....

skip the yellows and greens... insert blue mouse ears.. perfect size .. and a contrasting color ...

any other questions??? ... lol


PS: this side of the forum is for off topic conversations.. your post is spot on for the DISCUSSIONS side ...

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Not to worry, Dan! We don't mind Off Topic to this side, whatever that is over here since ANYTHING can be discussed.
We just have the freedom to "chase rabbits" if we like!

I think ken's point might be that you might find even more opinions offered over there, since this one often is not as active consistently!

Either way, you're fine with us, over here too! :o)

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Thanks everybody for your responses, and glad you liked the picture. The center 'Golden Tiara' was already getting a bit unruly for me, so I moved it to a pot, where hopefully I can constrain it into shape. The other section of 'Golden Tiara' is sporting, so I'm going to keep it there, for fun and see what happens, maybe separating it out in the Spring. I've decided against the blue, worrying it may clash with the maroon of the Japanese maple. I have several replacements in mind, and will post a picture next Spring of my final choice. Thanks Dan

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I'll put in my two cents also. I agree with Janice and my first thought was a blue. I was picturing something upright and wavy like cutting edge or salute for contrast. It's a very pretty garden. Is that a bowling ball in the rocks? I'm all for using unexpected items in the garden. McT

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Dan--I love your gardens!! Tell us what the plants are, please. The one at the top by the tree and the one at the bottom by the Iris. Also, have a question about the hakonechloa grass. I have seen in as a zone 4 plant. Also have seen it as zone 5 and zone 6. I love this grass, but I'm in zone 4. Will it grow for me? Another question. I love the rocks in your garden. What are they and where can I get some? Keep up the GREAT work. Deb

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Beautiful composition! Lots of color and plant variety and texture.
BTW...Cutting Edge gets big fast... really fast.

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Deb, Glad you liked the pics. The globe-shaped green maple just below the iris in the picture at the beginning of the post is Acer palmatum 'Yuri Hime'. The ground cover is Creeping Jenny. The chartreuse maple on the upper left is Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' (also known as Golden Full Moon Maple) Here's a reverse angle photo of this area. (A.s. 'Aureum' right, and Acer palmatum 'Red Dragon' left , Iris sibirica 'Ceasar's Brother, center)

The Hakonechloa(from before and after picture) is new to me this year. I never had a spot for it until this year. I've also admired it for a long time, prior to planting it. I see it mostly listed as Zone 5, but if your going to give it a try, (which I'm never hesitant to do) I'd try 'All Gold'. I originally did not like it as much as 'Aureola', but it has won me over with its fast growth and seemingly more vigorous nature. The ones in the "Before and After" pics were one gallon plants this Spring.
As far as the rocks go, if you're talking about the ones around the spherical copper fountain. I think they were called "Canyon River Stone". The are basicly smooth flat versions of the cobble stones I've used in other areas of the garden. I selected out only the grey tones for this feature.

Bunnycat, thanks for the positive feedback and advice on 'Cutting Edge', I appreciate it.


P.S. I'd love to see pictures from other members gardens

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koidom(8 OR)

Of course you have one of the most wonderful gardens out there but I got you beat in the creepy department, Here's my Goth Garden.

Plant list is
Black mondo grass,
Ghost fren
black barlow columbine, which has been replaced with black pansys
and a august moon hosta

Becuase I'm sure your just dying to have one too :P

Be careful what you wish for Dan you may just get it!

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Koidom, I absolutely LOVE IT! That's exactly what I was looking for, the unexpected, a different perspective. You're one cool person. The ghost fern just glows, and the mini gargoyle and cathedral? lend some whimsy to your wonderful plant combo. Thanks for posting the photo, I really enjoyed it. Dan
P.S. Sorry I copped out on your "stream" design, I'm still working on it. I bought a new Hosta book and everything. When I design my own garden I feel like I'm free to do whatever I want but when I suggest things for others, I feel like I have to follow "The rules". Thanks again for your post.

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That's just the kind of garden fantasy I love. Below are a couple pictures of a new area for me. This was inspired by some wonderful "Mini" garden pictures last year. The rock mulch is meant for an aquarium.

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koidom(8 OR)

You helped me a lot Dan! I'm sure some new pictures of the area would be helpful, I had a set back yesterday, I had to redo a whole days work not fun, I probably will not be ready to plant until much later, maybe even next fall.
This is what I feel like today.

I'm glad you enjoyed my little garden.

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Thanks Dan, I really love the pictures of your gardens. Hope I can find the rocks and some of the plants, hope they will grow in my area. I'm sure you have more gardens. Can you post more pictures and tell us what the plants are. Have any seeds you want to share? Thanks again for the great pictures and ideas. Send more pictures!!!!!! Thanks again--Deb

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