Sharing my love of Hostas

diggetydig(3/4)August 16, 2007

A wonderful client of 14 years had to euthanize her beloved dog, Blue. Marilyn, Blue and I had become friends over these many years. Blue and Marilyn came to see me when he was 8 weeks old. Blue was one of the best dogs to ever grace my path. I was honored to be in their lives. This decision is never easy on the pet owner. Marilyn and I shed our tears together. Marilyn decide on an individual cremation, so she could take him to rest at their lake home. Working in my garden that night and thinking of Blue I wondered how I could honor his memory. Many weeds later I came upon a wonderful hosta called True Blue. I dug it up and split off a portion. When Marilyn came to pick up the ashes, I gave her the plant for Blues resting place. Nothing could ring more true!!!!!!! My own lovely Petunia dog rests under Remember Me.


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Oh, Vicki!! My heart goes out to you both!! What a lovely way to remember 'Blue'
and to place something of *yours* with him!!!

I know your friend, Marilyn, will be very blessed by your token of affection for them both!
Now you need to get 'Marilyn' to share with her, and maybe to divide and put beside 'True Blue'! :o)

I just made one last stop by the Forum before hitting the road for our vacation in Gatlinburg,
and I'm glad I did so I could read your post, Vicki! I has touched my heart!! I pray the pangs of loss
don't stretch out too long, but become a warm spot of favorite memories, as you both recall
fond moments that include him along the path of both your lives!

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Vicki, my condolences on the loss of your friend's wonderful pet. I know how a pet can be a very important part of a person's life and making the decision to euthanize that special part is especially difficult. I was in that exact position a year ago with my almost 14 yr. old Sheltie, Cheyenne. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done and I'm welling up with tears just thinking about it. It was very nice that you were with your friend to support her in that difficult time. It was just me and Cheyenne when I put her down. It was also an especially nice gesture to share something you love with your friend to help make that wonderful memory live on. You are a very thoughtful person, and I'm sure your friend appreciates your loving gesture. Dan

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