flowergazerAugust 8, 2007

Where are all the Hosta Deals.It seems like last year at this time I found great hosta bargains online.Myabe I am just getting cheaper.Ha

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Hi Brenda! Maybe--everyone got to them before you and I could! :o)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

august isn't the preferred time for mailing plants.. in the olden days ... a lot of producers just wouldn't mail at this time ... of course... deliveries are a lot faster then way back then .. 10 years ago ...

the deals start .. after the heat ... when those sellers with potted stock .. are confronted with the monster chore of planting them all in mother earth .. or willing to lose 30 .. 40 .. or 50% over wintering in pots ...

when i moved 1500 potted plants.. i lost about 90 or so .... and gave a speech at hosta college complaining about my 9.4% loss rate.. both solberg and wade came up after and said if they only lost that few.. they would both be much wealthier ....

ergo .. i think you are just chomping at the bit.. a few weeks early .. hold on to your dough .. the sales will come soon .. ken

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