Basil trouble

andrewz5aJune 16, 2010

I'm having trouble with some basil I transplanted two weeks ago, and I wonder if anyone has any ideas about what could be wrong.

The plants were transplanted from apparently healthy seedlings. Since then, they have gotten plenty of water and sunlight, and other things in the garden are doing pretty well. But the basil has grown only a little since then, the stalks are bent a few inches above the ground, the leaves are yellowing to pale green with coppery patches, and the plants are just starting to flower. A week ago I gave them a foliar spray of 3-2-2, but it hasn't had any effect that I can tell.

I know that the soil has somewhat too much potassium, too little magnesium, and possibly too little calcium too. Also, I may have damaged the roots during transplanting. Finally, FWIW, the basil is planted between sunflowers (still tiny, so no shade issue) and broccoli.

I've just been looking at lists of nutrient deficiency/excess symptoms but haven't found anything very specific. Does anyone know if the symptom list is specific to any of the factors I mentioned? Any other ideas on cause and what to do about it?

Many thanks,


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I don't think the issue is what you've planted it with.

Were the roots compacted? Did you spread them out a bit before planting? My only guess is that it's not getting enough water, possibly because of being rootbound.

I think if you over-fertilized you'd see burn marks on the leaves without the paling first. Generally though, herbs like to live in horrible soil.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

What have the prevailing temperatures been? Basil needs consistent warmth, day & night.

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