How much rain did you get?

laura1(9aTpa,FL)July 1, 2009

I think I live in a "dry" area. Just to the north (Pasco) got much more especially yesterday.

Yesterday I emptied 3" from the gauge and this morning 2.5". I am in north Tampa.

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cjc45(9 Mount Dora FL)

Congrats, I just got about half an inch.

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It's still raining here. I have some very soggy blue jays in my trees!

I have a large bucket outside. My versionn of a rain barrel since I have no gutters. It looks like about a foot of water, at least, that has collected in it.

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I am not sure how much rain we got over here in Riverview, but it sure was alot. The pond out back rose up a couple feet! The pond has not been this full for at least 3 years.

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Ariel you need to get one of those free rain gauges at the extension office! Ask next time you are over there.

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When it rains it pours - give us some more!!

In NW Manatee County we hadn't seen any rain during the month of June. Watched it rain all around us, a half mile away in any direction.

Finally, at the end of the month -
Sunday 1/2"
Monday 1/2"
Tuesday 1"
Wednesday (thus far, more coming in) 1 & 1/2"

Rain Rain don't go away - please stay here another day!


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Invest in a good rain gauge . They are not expensive .
Get one that goes at least to 5 inches .
You will be amazed at how much or how little rain you actually get .

In north DeLand -
2 inches Sunday
2 inches Monday
1/2 inch Tuesday
zero so far on Wed but it's early .

Plants really , really show a huge difference in growth thanks to May and June rains . Yippee !!

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Today? In Largo a whole lot.

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I don't know, but it hasn't stopped yet. I guess I should get a rain guage because it would be interesting to know. The rain barrel is overflowing and I'm sure the worm bin really needs to be drained. I didn't even get out in my garden today :(

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The Sarasota newspaper says that the Manatee and the Myakka rivers are at flood stage today.
Here in Englewood (south of Sarasota) we got 2" on Wednesday and about 1" on Tuesday. Nothing today (Thursday) but it's early :-)

Just got back from a trip to Homosassa Springs S.P. and Tampa area was raining heavily both going thru and coming back. Is it my imagination? Seems like Tampa has lots of thunder and lighting storms in the summer months.


BTW Homosassa State Park is the coolest. Highly recommended!

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tomg312(z9 Tampa Fl)

I wonder if the Tampa reservoir is filling up. Has anyone heard? The Trib just complains about the flooding as I would I suppose, if I lived in south Tampa.

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I empted .4 inches of rain from my rain guage in hudson

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Over the last few days we've had about a quarter inch total here in West Tampa.

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