Looking for a climbing Rose.

Aliciadawn76(9)July 11, 2014

Hi! I live in Sumter County (zone 9). I'm looking for a fast growing and easy growing climbing Rose. I've never grown roses, but have tons of other flowers. I would really like to try to grow a climber on our garden entrance. I was looking at the Cecille Brunner, but some others may have changed my mind. Any suggestions would be wonderful! :)

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I pasted my reply to you from the Rose Forum is case other Florida Buds are interested in my experience. I would add Crepuscule as a consideration. Fast, golden apricot and thornless...

My Cl Cecile doesn't bloom enough to make me happy. More of a big bush rather than a lax, trainable climber

My two best climbers are Cl Clotilde Soupert and Rev d'Or.

Clotilde took a long time to even begin to bloom but has been well worth the wait. She did ball a lot the first two years she did bloom (after two or more of nothing!). Very few thorns, too. Now she blooms regularly with large fragrant pink/white clusters. Little balling even in our monsoonal rains. Very healthy in my no-spray garden and on own root. I love this rose so much that it will be in the first 2 or 3 I attempt to graft to fortuniana.

Rev is in a bad spot. Own root planted 4 feet from the trunk of a large long leaf pine. This is her third summer. Without a doubt, the most healthy foliage in my garden. Vigorous and building to her second flush this year, she has canes that reach 15 to 18 feet. If she survives the nematodes, I expect her to bloom much more often. Others say she is well perfumed, but I have not noticed more than a moderate scent. Some thorns, but not too bad. Healthy, healthy, healthy....

Here is a link that might be useful: Clotilde

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Don Juan's are wonderful (deep, rich red) and the fragrance is outstanding. I've had one here and also at the house we used to live in. Just make sure whatever you get is on rootstock for Florida conditions, such as Fortuniana.

Here is a link that might be useful: Don Juan Climbing Rose

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Thank you! I have been looking at the Don Juan's along with the others that thonotorose mentioned. [I grew up in Thonotosassa btw if that has anything to do with the name] I'll have to admit, I almost just said the heck with it and went with morning glory! it's intimidating, but I want to learn and step up my gardening a bit. I was wondering what anyone thinks about the Eden rose? I love the pink and ivory color! I've ruled out the Cecile because of the low bloom. I'm glad I learned that!

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I love Crepuscule, also I have Prosperity and Champney's Pink Cluster, they never stop bloom in my no-spray garden, and nothing bothers them... sally

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The Don Juan is one of the few roses that will do well on its own rootstock. It is also sometimes called "the Cracker Rose." All of the others need to be on fortuniana rootstock, I believe.

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> It is also sometimes called "the Cracker Rose."

It is? I thought that was Louis Phillipe?

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Actually "the cracker rose" is Louis Phillippe, a China rose. It can climb but does so awkwardly. Looks like a drunken plumber put it together sort of.

To add to the confusion, some people think that Cramoisi Superior is the cracker rose and others have called the "pink cracker rose" that special Florida Rose... which might be Burbank.

Burbank is a very healthy early tea shrub and CS (China) looks just like Lou-wee in the bloom but tends to be much thornier. A true Louis Phillippe can be nearly thornless with the occasional quite thorny cane.

FYI, for those who desperately want good roses for Florida, go with the older roses from the classes of Chinas, Teas (NOT hybrid teas) and Noisettes. Reve D'Or is a tea/noisette.

Angel Gardens and Rose Petals are two Florida nurserys that specializes in old garden roses on own root.

Central Florida Heritage Rose Society meets in Lakeland at Florida Southern College. (On summer hiatus right now.) Dues are only $15 per year. That is where you will hear of the next FSC agricultural progam's antique rose sale. Most of those sold are grafted on fortuniana and all are "virus indexed".

Happy Rosing...

Here is a link that might be useful: CFHRS

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Although Don Juan isn't an old rose, I've always found it a very vigorous and healthy climber, even on an oceanfront balcony.

But I have to say that lot of what I see sold as Don Juan these days in big box stores is very disconcerting.

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