Favourite Daylily

mctavish6August 26, 2007

I was inspired by Bunnycats beautiful picture of the daylily for her desktop. I decided to start 4 separate threads for posting pictures of your best Daylilys, Roses, Begonias and Clematis. Feel free to start one for other flowers too. McT

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toymr2mk2(SE VA z7b/8a)

Not sure of the names except the deep red is Ruby Spider...Art

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toymr2mk2(SE VA z7b/8a)

A couple more.....Art

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Thanks, McT! I love my daylilies. Am always sorry when they are done for the season.
You opened a can of worms. You'll be sorry that you asked...

Had this one a long time. The name escapes me. My brains are leaking out my ears.

One of 5 or 6 white ones that have missing tags. Maybe this winter I can match them up with the pictures.

Indian Giver (with hosta Alex Summers)

Scarlet Orbit. My favorite old red.

Siloam Double Classic

I'll lay off now, and give somebody else a chance to post.


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Beautiful DLs everyone!

Art - is that first pink Barbara Mitchell? It is an older classic that has been on my wish list for a long time and seeing that photo it jumped into my mind that it might be.

Here are some of mine....

Little Grapette

Ed Brown

My Honey CHild

Strawberry Candy


Darla Anita

Eenie Fanfare


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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

Bunny, love that white, looks like an Easter Lily.

The reds/pinks with white edging look striking.

My favorite is Siloam Double Classic. So easy to photograph I must have fifty pix of it. Love the doubles, can't wait 'til next year when my new Mose's Fire blooms.

Double Classic

Mary's Gold--so big and bright it stands out way across the yard.

Weird brown unknown--can't decide if I like or hate the color.


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The variety in daylilies is amazing. They are so photogenic too. Before becoming hosta crazy I had a few years of daylily madness. Unfortunately it hadn't dawned on me yet that I basically had a SHADE garden. Eventually I moved them out to a better spot where they would actually bloom. On thing I never found was a true red like Scarlet Orb. I've saved that picture and just might order one next year if I can find it anywhere. All the red's I ended up with were brownish, dull kind of reds.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

I particularly like the 2 purples shown above..Swirling Waters and Ed Brown. I only have a few purple ones. I really don't have enough sun to grow daylilies well. Some do fine in spite of that.

Bean, I agree on Siloam Dbl Classic. It is a really nice daylily, and always has a lot of blooms.

McT, Scarlet Orbit is not only my favorite red, it is my favorite daylily. Lots of reasons. The foliage is darker green than most, and the leaves are wider and thicker. The clump still looks good at the end of the season, unlike many of my others. I can alsways pick it out in the yard, long before the scapes come up. The red has no maroon, is a real fire engine red. It is fragrant, has lots of buds and a nice long run. It's an older variety, and you ought to be able to find a nice clump at a decent price. It is supposed to rebloom, but in my yard doesn't. I do have a few that usually do, but with all of the drought this year I'm not expecting anything. Even heavy watering on sand just isn't the same as a good rainstorm.

A few more....

Strutter's Ball

Fresh Start

Unknown, had it forever.

Strawberry Candy

another that lost its tag


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Here's a few more. I love the greeny yellows. I'll definately look for the red next year. I have several muddy reds that I'm not crazy about.

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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

Very handsome lad sitting amongst the flowers.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Or lassie...(not "Lassie," of course)

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That's a gentleman cat. Mr. Bo Jangles. Bo is the youngest and only male of my five elderly females. He is despised by one and all. I love him but he seems to annoy everyone else. He's a real character - into everything - up on everything - like a bull in a china shop.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

(do-over) He's a beautiful boy!

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i_dig_it(z5a - Illinois)

McT I love your pictures and always enjoy seeing Bo Jangles in the pictures too. He's such a handsome guy!

Ok, back to daylilies. I got my first one this year, 'Pardon Me'. It was about done blooming when I got it, so don't really have much to say about it now.
However, I would like to add a few more to my garden but would like some that are mid to late season bloomers.
Are there any that anyone can recommend that you particularily like? I've looked through catalogues, but my gosh! it's mind boggling, all the different ones, worse than hostas even, lol.

So keep the pictures coming and tell me which ones are the later bloomers, I'm making a list.....oooh here we go again :-/


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bunnycat(z6 NY)

You should also consider those that rebloom. For me, a much smaller display than the earlier show (only have part-sun here), but any flowers are welcomed late in the season!

PS- My favorite LATE season daylily is Final Touch.

Elizabeth Salter, Indian Giver, Regal Heir, Pastel Classic, Brocaded Gown rebloom for me. This year Strawberry Candy did, after getting moved to a sunnier spot. I also have some now tagless yellows that rebloom. Check daylilies out in your local garden store, rather than ordering by mail. Potted plants will frequently have more fans, you can sniff for fragrance, and most important of all, you can see if the color is "as advertised!"

Final Touch and Casa Blanca lilies. Taken in early August, Final Touch is still blooming.


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Hey McT -

your multi-petaled one I believe is a "polytepal". DLs sometimes put up a bloom like that and then return to usual form.... was it always like that or is this the first time?


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All Beautiful!! I especially love Swirling Waters. I decided I wanted to add some blue/purples this year and have not had any luck at the various DL growers I frequent. Here are a few of my favorites - I love the "jewel tone" colored flowers. I have also tried to purchase some taller varieties and create combinations:

My Favorite - Victoria Grace

This is a beautiful seedling from a Massachusetts grower - he has not registered the plant yet!

Dawn's Echo Reminds me of a creamsicle.

Vision of Beauty and it truly was this summer!

New this August - Lake Norman Spider

Another '07 addition Femme De Joie

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toymr2mk2(SE VA z7b/8a)

Great pics everybody! Now we know why we love daylilies almost as much as we love hosta.....lol.....
Alexa.....I don't think the pink one is Barbara Mitchell. I think it was a freebie from one of the sellers and I can't remember the name. Barbara Mitchell has larger though similar looking blooms. It is one of my favorites as it has beautiful blooms and a long bloom time for me. I don't have too many pinks as I tend to favor the deeper more saturated colors. That said I also love lemon yellows. They just glow in the garden especially when accompanied by a deep red or purple. I have really enjoyed everybodys pics. Makes me wish they were still blooming.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Final Touch is still rolling along. The first dated photo I have is Aug. 1st. Today's pic is Sept. 6th. It still has some buds left, so that means it will have bloomed for 6 weeks. Not bad for a part sun yard (at best)


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