Favourite Rose Pictures

mctavish6August 26, 2007

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toymr2mk2(SE VA z7b/8a)

A few of my favorites. Some are not the greatest pics but they will do.....lol.....Art

Proud Land....My grandfathers rose



Dr. Van Fleet

Baronne Prevost


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Here is The Prince


Perle d'Or

McCartney Rose

Abe Darby

Pat Austin

Alexandra Rose

Marie Curie

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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

Outstanding photos! Gosh, who doesn't love roses--even with all the extra work? I have about a thousand rose photos...

Golden Unicorn


Paul Neyron--huge cabbage blooms and old rose fragrance

Chicago Peace--stunning color combo

Pat Austin--sunshine color and great smell


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Those are all wonderful. Marnie, I see you have success with some that I can't grow even though you are in zone 4 also. I've got only a very few "T-roses" still left. I mostly go for the really hardy shrub roses or some of the David Austins do well. Pat Austin give me about 2 blooms per year but still I keep it. Now that I've got hostas moved in among the rose area I figure when a rose goes that it - move over for the hosta invasion!

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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

McT, in my zone I have wonderful success with the roses in May and June. In July the Japanese beetles come and the roses are destroyed. Even if there is a nice flush in Sept, the leaves are so damaged the overall effect is ugly.

Well, now that I've really bummed us all out with that awful image... Sorry, but walking thru my garden every day and seeing those beetles is a constant thorn in my side.

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