upnort(4)September 30, 2008

Since I joined this fine group of wackos Ive noticed an abundance of spam email. Im not saying anyone here is responsible but theres some distributing of email addresses from this sight no doubt and I dont appreciate it. ivillage, are you listening?????

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The reason you are getting spam is because your email address is right in plain view. There are bots that sweep the internet 24/7 and gather any visible email address, add it to their list, and also sell it to other spammers. Go into your membership page and fix this.

It's actually too late for you to stop spam from going to that particular mailbox though. You'll have to set up a new one and make sure it isn't posted anywhere on the internet!

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

In your member profile you can set to show your e-mail address to ALL, MEMBERS or NONE, it's almost at the bottom of the page. Yours quite obviously is set to ALL, live and learn, but that's a mistake, as you've found out. As 'weed' said, ditch your current e-mail address, set up a new one and either completely hide it or only show it to members, which is the way I've set mine and I have never seen an increase in spam attributable to my GW membership.

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I never knew this, i too,am getting more spam than ever before,hmmmmm, i will need to fix this.
Thanks for that info,and for you upnort for mentionening it.

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I thought that's what SPAM blockers were for? Just go through your email and put those that you don't know into the SPAM part of the deleting area. Then if they turn up again your SPAM blocker will take care of it.

I hadn't thought that much about it as my email address is listed by my forum name on each post. I'll have to see just how I set mine up.


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I removed mine,can't say i see a difference yet,i should do as suggested and change my address and name.
I am not getting that many spams,i just put them in the spam holder.
Maybe later i will cahnge it.

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I'm so used to my email name that I would hate to change it. I am even with the same provider we started with 6 or 7 years ago. We came to the techional age a little later than most people. LOL

Our sons started us out with their used equipment when they updated.
I used it just for games and computer information before we finally went 'online'.We have broad band now and my husband still complains about it being slow. Patience is not his middle name! LOL


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