How to use head of dill for pickles

renee17(7b)June 12, 2010

This is the first year I've ever grown my own dill. I want to make pickles, and don't know when I should pick the dill heads. Right now, I have one that is just starting to form yellow flowers, another one that that has little green "bumps/balls" (just before the yellow flower stage) and I have some more that are just starting to form heads (they have the little green "bumps" or "balls," just very compact and not having spread out into the "firework" like shape). When do I pick these to get the best flavor for dill pickles?

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Use dill heads at the green bumps/balls stage. You do know that the fronds and stems also impart flavor, don't you?
Dill pickles, yum!

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Thanks, and yes I know I can use the other parts as well. I've made pickles before using dill seed and fresh dill weed, and was excited to be able to add the heads this year. I just had no idea when to harvest the heads! Thanks again :)

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