Shopping with a non-hostaholic

jbranch(7B Alabama)September 1, 2008

I posted recently about a trip to Chuck Plemmons Perenials in Spartanburg, SC. This was my first trip to a nursery that specializes in hosta. In Birmingham, we don't have this. There are plenty of people that sell hosta, no one that specializes in them. I started walking through Chuck's selection and began asking questions. Keep in mind that my aunt, mom, and two sisters were with me. Seeing all of Chuck's hostas was like a spiritual awakening. And, I could talk to someone face to face about hosta. We talked about which ones I have, which ones sell well for Chuck. My sister asked for the keys to the car. Chuck showed me some of his beautiful display hostas. I asked about some of the mini hostas he has. This went on for about 30 minutes. I looked up and my aunt, mom and sisters were in the car with the AC running! They could care less about hosta. I made my purchase and returned to the car. My mom says, "I thought we would never get you away from here." How non-hosta lovers must suffer when shopping with us!

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My husband usually waits in the car or finds a nice garden bench to sit on.

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Don'w worry, sometime you'll be stuck waiting while they shop for yarn or picture frames or air fresheners or some such thing. It will all even out.


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

My wife tolerates my hosta craze,and even picked out some of my nicest hostas when we were at a nursery near here. But,she is far from what I'd call a hosta lover! Phil

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jbranch(7B Alabama)

Lainey - you are right. For me it is when my wife shops for candles. I don't understand the need to buy a lot of candles.

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I'm fortunate that my Hubby will help me pick out hostas when we shop. He says 'do you have this?' Now if he would just give me more time to decide where to plant them! LOL


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The closest hosta specialist for me is in OK City. I am lucky my daughter loves to walk and admire their gardens with me. We had a wonderful time a couple of seasons ago. My middle daughter thinks I have lost my mind, and I rarely go plant shopping with my husband. Good thing I order most of my hostas online anyway.

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