'wild' parsley?

vieja_gw(z7NM)June 8, 2008

I had planted the curled leaf parsley a couple years ago but now I have the flat leaf variety coming up all over ... does it revert from seeds to another variety? Also, which has the strongest flavor... the curled leaf or the flat leaf & is there a 'wild' kind that can come from either of the other two? I'd always had a hard time getting either kind of parsley to grow but now it is coming up all over like a weed! I'm not complaining though as I use a lot of it & can contain it with vigouous weeding out a lot of it but was just curious.

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I have never had curly parsley revert to flat-leafed, or vice versa. I've had more luck with the flat-leafed variety self-seeding, than the curly one. While related, they are 2 distinct species: curly parsley is Petroselinum crispum, Flat-leafed or Italian parsley is Petroselinum neopolitanum.

The flat-leafed parsley has the stronger flavour of the two.

Be very careful with parsley-looking plants. You could well have something poisonous, a gift from the birds.

eg: There's Wild Chervil (Anthriscus sylvestris): Also known as Cow Parsley, Dog Parsley, and many other names. Similar to Chervil but grows to only about 10cm tall, with grass-green, downy leaves. The stem is hairy at the base and smooth above. It is easily confused with poisonous plants such as Hemlock (FoolÂs Parsley).

Hemlock has a foetid smell. Chervil and parsley smell much better! But if you are in doubt, have your plants professionally identified WITHOUT doing a taste test!

Lovage also looks a lot like flat-leafed parsley when young.

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Yes, I have lovage also coming up all over too but I know what it looks like. I do remember a few years ago I did have some of the flat leaf parsley so perhaps some seeded un-noticed & that is what is coming up all over just now! This flat leaf looks kinda 'wild' as some have reverted to thinner leaves but they do definately smell like parsley .. thanks for your warning though!

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