Replacing lawn with groundcovers and low-growing herbs

plant.babies(Zone 7-8)June 6, 2006

I am looking for someone who has successfully replaced lawn with steppable ground cover and low-growing herbs.

We are considering doing this a bit at a time for our whole front lawn, with small patches of rock garden and paths.



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i think it would be awesome. especially coming from someone who has to cut the grass :)
i really like it because it is something out of the ordindary. when i look around my neighborhood, atleast my street, everyone has just grass and i think it would be cool to make a whole rock garden with various green groundcover.

good luck with it!

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

I'd love to get rid of my front lawn. Half of it died,anyway. I considered building a checkerboard yard,squares of herbs mixed with ,say,gravel or bricks. DH said no,but I may do it anyway. Those Steppables and thymes look (and smell) so nice.

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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

I'd love to have thyme but it doesn't suppress weeds too well so you end up pulling blades of grass everywhere. Ground Ivy (gill) might work - it's a bear to get rid of once planted and covers very well forming a 3-6 inch high mat and survives some foot traffic. It and virginia creeper are fighting it out in a corner of my yard and they've both easily overcome grass.

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I would be very hesitant to do that. The previous owner of my house did that, and I had to replanted the grass. I also heard many of my neighbors not so favorable comment about my previous yard. Unless your yard is very small, having a whole yard of herb and ground covers may looks strange and uneasy. Nothing beat a nice well maintained green lwan for landscaping. A garden is beautiful only when it sits alongside a clean and neat green lawn. Besides, a herb/ground cover lwan can be a maintenance nightmare in adverse weather conditions such as extreme dry, cold or heat. And, ... can you imaginge taking your family to walk on top of herb and ground covers after dinner?

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I like the idea. Living where it is hot and dry, I removed the grass along the street, and where a driveway was on the side of the house (the garage is in the alley so I did not need a driveway). All of that is slowing being coverted over to plants. I have lilac bushes, lots of lavendar etc. The part of the lawn closest to the house has has 40% of the lawn removed and plants added. I would like to finish it some day. I left this smaller portion grass cause my dog does like sitting under a tree when I work in front. Where I live in Denver (an older neigborhood built in the 1910's and 1920's), it is very acceptable to convert the front lawn to plantings. As I drive to work, I see more and more people doing it. I love the look of a nice green lawn. On the other hand...I prefer what I have....esp with drought and heat With 20 different irises lining the front I had people stopping to compliment my yard this year. I say go for it...esp if you are in a desert-ish region. Mulching and weed barriers can do wonders for conserving water. Planting plans with the area around is slightly lower helps to retan moisture. Do it!

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