So--do you wonder.....?(graphic)

JaniceSeptember 2, 2007

Do you wonder--if you receive a hosta, that eventually shows signs of

having A LOT of nematodes ----

if the *person* who sent it, to you, really couldn't know it had them ???

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I've been growing hostas for over 30 years and I have to be honest and admit...before joining this forum early this year, I really had never heard of foliar nematodes, let alone what they looked like. I'm sure if I had them before this year (and I bet I did since almost all of the ones with "todes" were 3+ years old), I thought it was just the August Uglies!

Now that I do know what they look like, I'm treating them as best I can and making notes in my Hosta Data file so I don't give/trade them with anyone. Happily, the ones that it did show up in this August were not given to anyone earlier this year (divisions of). I would hate the thought I gave infected plants to my friends!

What I'm trying to say is...yes, it could have been full of nematodes and maybe they really didn't know. Ahh, for the days of blissful ignorance when growing hostas was no work at all and no worries!


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I agree, it was so much easier before I knew anything about the troubles that could plague hostas. It goes the other way too, I could have gotten some from someone, or bought them, and just didn't recognize what they were. I never had enough to give away from my garden, but I could have bought infected ones as gifts, though.

I was reading a past issue of Fine Gardening (2004), and they had an article warning hosta growers of HVX. They called it new, yet, in the article it mentioned that HVX was first discovered in 1998 (or 1996, can't remember now.) If that's the case, why didn't we hear about it on a wider scale until a few years ago?

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Unless someone is malicious, I cannot imagine that they would send you a nematode-infested hosta on purpose. Unless you really know what you're looking for, nematodes are difficult to ID. I think it's one of those things that you never pay attention to, just thinking it's heat stress or whatever, until you realize WHAT it is...then you can spot it at 20 paces.

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I tend to agree with you all, having thought more about it, but I would also hope that once one realizes, from their own plants they divided,
that they do have a good case of the "nems", they would have the courtesy to contact the person they shared the infested division with, to
warn them of the prospect that they may also own an infested plant!

A matter of courtesy, I guess, which sometimes is lacking in today's world, I am beginning to realize!

And, I do think it's possible to be oblivious to them, if you haven't been posting on THIS forum for several years!!
If you have--then it would be hard to fathom *ignorance* of the reality of their symptoms!

My trust factor is diminishing--very quickly in *today's world* and perhaps I am being over-sensitive and too quick to judge
in such an instance! I hate it, that I've come to this state!

Oh, BTW---my plants from Karen and Teresa are doing great--no new plants this year are suspect! I hope I have not implicated them
unintentionally here!!! I have reacted out of an extreme aversion to nematodes, and I really think I should have kept my mouth shut
about my apprehension and perhaps my wrong assesment of the situation!

I apologize for my impulsive reaction!! I realize my error in judgment, in posting this thread, not soon enough, unfortunately!!

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Somewhere in another post on the subject of nematodes Ken made a comment about not understanding the fuss.... that it's going to happen and it's a part of growing hostas. Those aren't his words but the message is pretty much the same.

I just discovered in the past few days that I have nematodes. I sent HUGE clumps of Grand Tiara and Allegan Fog to Andrea. The GT has them but not the AF. Because of Ken's comment on the matter and because of all the posts on the matter, I decided to pose the question to a pro.

I called Hideko Gowen 1) to say Happy Birthday and 2) to find out what her stance is on the subject.

She says it's inevitable - if you collect hostas you will eventually get nematodes. When she buys TC's and does a trade they go into a seperate part of her garden. The reason for this is that she sells hostas. If any turn up with nematodes she throws them out. She also said if she DID NOT sell hostas, she would NOT throw them out. She laughed and said by this time of the year most hostas look ugly so who cares?? She also added that she believes any reputable vendor would not sell you a plant knowing it had nematodes.

Interesting to note that the infected plant I sent Andrea was next to another huge clump of GT that appears not to be infected. It has a few burn marks, but it is grown in full sun. In the future, if I share with a friend I will give them the option of declining the plant if I feel it may be infected. If the plant had never shown any signs of nematodes, I would tell the person I was giving it to that fact but also tell them I have the todes in another part of the yard.

So Janice - lucky for you the Little Sunspot I sent was actually planted right next to the Allegan Fog I sent Andrea. She said it is not showing any signs of being infected. But for your own piece of mind you might want to quarantine it for a year or two.

And Ken - I'm with you and Hideko on this one.


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koidom(8 OR)

Being new to hostas, My thinking is if your going to keep dogs your going to get fleas, just part of life, I am not going to throw them out unless they get really ugly nor put them in a microwave or what ever you guys do.

I'm not even sure if I want to know what kinds of yucky stuff grows out of my dirt. I have been looking out for that HVX crap and will avoid it as much as possable so far non of mine seem to have it I guess it laying low and will come out years later seeing as I've bhought mine from box stores,

, my hostas look pretty good even now but I don't know if they have the bad kind of nematodes, you guys cut off a leaf and put it in water and see little white worms floating around? is that how you find out?

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Thank you, Teresa--for the 'heads-up'! That makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world about how I feel about receiving
a hosta that presents the nematodes or even if it's a threat to having them! And, so far so good with 'Little Sunspot', which is
still in the pot I parked it in when I first received it from you! :o)

Perhaps, I am way too hysterical about the little (seemingly) devils!! I'm sure there was a good reason for their creation, but
they are not working out to be what I had in mind with 'my' plan! LOL

Crystal--don't get too concerned, or you'll wind up like me, which especially in this case--is not a good thing! I think, it's just
*dream'in* to expect we won't have something that really bugs us in our gardens!!!

Afterall, it's not THE 'Garden'--and even THAT one--had a snake in it---
but probably no voles!!

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

I'm done tripping out about nematodes. It initially sucked the fun out of hostas for me this year (that and the 100 degree heat LOL). After realizing I was all bent out of shape over it about a month ago, I decided that if they are REALLY that impossible to get rid of, I don't care. I'm not going to poison myself and my yard w/ a bunch of chemicals (no disrespect intended to those who choose to use them) only to still have nematodes when it is all said and done, if they are truly impossible to get rid of.

I'm going to practice good sanitation, not trade any plants from my yard again and enjoy my hostas! The plants I received from Teresa (and some others that ended up w/ 'todes) were gifted with love and generosity and THAT is the spirit that I will enjoy them with!

My GT may have a few bugs but that is surely NOT the thing I notice most about it - it's gorgeous and I know a friend sent it to me in a gesture of love and sharing! :)

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You're right on all counts, Andrea! Well said!!

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I really never have paid attention to all the Nematode stuff, HVX yes, but I have to tell you even though I have read posts on nematodes there is no way I would be able to tell you if I have them or not, I am still shakey on the HVX, I accused 1 or 2 of my hostas of having it last year, this year they came up beautiful, I have 1 this year that I have been giving the evil eye to, but I still am not sure if that is what is wrong with it, or does Night Before Christmas turn green where the white is? (scratching head)
I have decided that I won't trade my hostas to anyone anymore, although I will still happily recieve them:)

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