Free-standing burner for Pressure canning?

cjzimmerJune 24, 2011

I've been water bath canning for a few years (mostly applesauce and tomatoes) and I am hoping to branch out into more things that would require a pressure canner. The problem is that I have an induction stove. I know none of the pressure canners will work on my stove and so I will need to buy a separate heating appliance if I want to use a PC. I don't want to use an outside heating source as I have no where suitable to run something combustible anywhere near an entrance to the house. I don't want to leave newly canned jars outside in the wind to cool off nor do I want to carry freshly canned jars 20-30 feet and up a flight of stairs to a safe place to cool off. So I want something I can plug in to the wall. Is there anything reasonably priced that will plug into a regular outlet and have enough power for pressure canning? Or do I have to look into something industrial strength that needs a 220 outlet?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Here is a previous discussion on this issue and it includes links to several models. Basically it boils down to getting as many watts of power as you can afford to buy with the knowledge that how long any of them will last all depends on how much canning you do.

Some have reported that many of the electric units give out after only a year or less which is why most of us prefer using propane burners.


Here is a link that might be useful: electric canning burner discussion

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I too have an induction cooktop. I've had this burner for at least two years. It's not speedy, but it does what I need it to do.

Here is a link that might be useful: Waring Pro burner

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I have read the attached links and I am still confused. I thought I read last year that an outdoor burner was not recommended. I have a glass top range so I need to use something else.

I have a turkey fryer burner, a large burner on the propane grill, a two burner stove on folding legs that brings it up to stand-up height and it runs on a propane tank. I have a electric counter top double burner but not a professional one.

I have an inside location with a concrete floor that could serve as a temporary canning kitchen and not have the heat and steam inside the house. I would love to fix an area that is perfect for canning, but I'm not quite sure how to do it. The building is a small guest house and has both gas and electricity and I even have a fairly new electric cooktop that I could add, but I think I would rather have a gas stove. By making a few changes, I could probably fit in a small gas apartment range. Natural gas is only a few feet away and so is a 220 outlet that runs a clothes dryer.

I live in an area that is prone to ice storms and loss of electrity, and when that happens, we turn on the one gas heater in our house to keep the pipes from freezing, and we move to the other quarters that have gas heat and a gas water heater. We have used the two burner stove (for cooking only) inside and lived in relative comfort but it is really designed for outside. I think I will add a sink that is easy to fill large pots with, like I have in my kitchen, but the sink with have to be small. I will never have enough counter space but can always set up a folding table as a work surface, and I have one small butcher block cabinet that is mobile. A natural gas stove would give me a 'storm backup' without having to bring in the propane cook stove.

Last year most of my canning was BWB but that isn't always the case. In the next couple of months I plan to complete this space so I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

This is a small space, but I think I would like being able to can there instead of having it all over the kitchen. Ideas?

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The link I posted below is what I'm going to get. It is big enough to safely pressure can in, but won't hold a lot. The drawback is it has "preset" pressures so I'll have to can at 15lbs instead of the 12 I normally use. Will be nice to double as a pressure cooker too.

I love the idea of being able to do some pressure canning in the house without having to haul out the big stuff.

This is my Presto, I also have a 21 qt AA.

For heavy use, I head out to my summer kitchen where I have a four burner coil cooktop to use. I also have two propane burners, but didn't like using them - they now only get used when it's chicken plucking time. But if the power ever went off and I needed to be canning two freezers full of meat - I'd haul them out ASAP.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fagor stainless canner

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the induction cooktop is wonderful for making jam - I've had mine a bit over a year, and I love it! And if you do boil over, cleanup is a breeze.

This is assorted fruit sauce.

if I have a big batch, I use my PC for waterbath canning - this time I've got the AA out as I also used it earlier to sanitize jars for making yogurt.

That is a 220 unit - I couldn't find any 110 units that gave me the power I was looking for. Not super happy with this unit, but after a repair I'm back in business. Hopefully this thermostate will last longer than the last one.

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Thanks for all the leads on the burners and especially for the link to the stainless steel canner. I had no idea there was one available as it didn't turn up in my searches (but then I had only ever really heard of Presto and AA canners so I may not have realized this was a canner even if I saw it). While long term I would probably want something bigger (since I have 7 mouths to feed), I've never even seen someone use a pressure canner (or cooker for that matter) so starting out smaller seems a better idea till I figure out what we like or don't like.

Thanks again.

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