Pics of baby's room and thanks to mctavish! (lots of pics)

buff24(5b (SW Ohio))September 22, 2007

Most of you probably know that I am pregnant with my first child... a little girl due in ~1.5 weeks!! So, sadly my hostas have been neglected this summer as I have been busy getting ready for baby! Today hubby and I put the "finishing touches" on her nursery, and I snapped a few pics for your viewing pleasure. As you will probably figure out, we incorporated a honey bee theme... it suits our style as I am not a real "girly girl" and hubby is a real sports nut, a "guy's guy" so we couldn't bring ourselves to do a pink nursery...

Of note, the 2 bee pictures on the shelf you will see were provided digitally by our very own MCTAVISH!! THANK YOU!!! They look wonderful in the nursery!!

Hope you enjoy the photos!!


Here is the view as you walk into her room...

And here is the wall to your immediate left. Look who found a new, comfy spot to lounge... our "first child" Murphy. And yes, that is an actual picture of my pregnant belly with a teddy bear, hanging on the wall (picture taken about 1.5 weeks ago.) Once the baby is born, we plan to get a picture taken with her and the same teddy bear, to hang to the right of this picture.

And as you scan towards the right, here is the crib area. See the bee in the child's rocking chair? That was a gift from Janice (hey_J)!

And continuing to spin to the right, here is the changing table/dresser area. Note the pictures above the shelf. The bee pics were provided by McTavish, while I actually took the flower photos.

Also of note, the changing table/dresser was re-finished by my wonderful husband. We picked it up (looking ragged) at an antique festival, and then re-finished it to match the crib, which is "antique white" and "distressed" to look sorta old. We also added the box on top to hold the changing pad. The box can be removed when we no longer need it as a changing area, and it will function as just a set of drawers. Here is what the dresser looked like while it was being stripped and re-finished... Hubby just LOVES doing projects like this, and is quite proud of the finished product :-)

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Buff, Thank you so much for updating us on your baby's room. You have done a fabulous job and I feel so touched that the bee pictures are a part of it. What a lucky baby you are going to have. I've been thinking of you the last couple weeks, knowing it's getting closer. My stepdaughter had a little girl on the 13, just over a week ago. I wish you the same labour she had which was 3 hours! Some people have all the luck. This one is also a good sleeper so I wish you that too! All the best McT, Myrle

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OMG, Buff, that nursery is BEAUTIFUL. I love the color of the walls and all the decorations in the room. The photos you two took look professional.

Your hubby should be very proud of the job he did refinishing the dresser. I've done that with my DIL and it is a lot of work. It looks GREAT!

Good luck on your delivery...update us when you can,

God Bless!


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What a darling nursery! I love the changing table!! I had the pleasure of helping my daughter with her nursery not too long ago. She has a fruit theme, and the walls have big polka dots. Those were fun to paint. Her baby is due in about 3 weeks, and she is so ready. Hope all goes well for you and your baby.

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That is such a awesome nursery, you did a good job:)
I bet you are so ready for her to be here! That last Month can seem like a eternity.
good luck, and I hope for you to have a speedy delivery as well, I was not so fortunate in that area, but it was well worth it:)

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Great job...

Nice Pooch...

LOVE the belly shot....


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Oh, Buff---I love everything about your nursery!! You and hubby did a wonderful job. So glad 'Bee' fits in the
little chair--that looks really so cute!

Don't forget to call me!` If you have the time, give me a ring or 'buzz' when you're in labor--and I'll bee sure to bee!
praying for you during the delivery, etc.!!!!!

I have something else that will bee great to add to your collection! Can't wait to see your new little girl!

*SWEET* />

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

YAY! Thanks so much everyone for the positive comments!! I really am SO pleased with how the room turned out :-) All we have to do now is have the baby, so we can put pictures of her in a couple of frames we already have (note the empty frame on top of the bookcase, and the one on the shelf above the bookcase...) Oh, and we will probably hang something on the wall above her crib too. Not sure yet what that will be since we have to hang it sorta high so that when she starts standing in her crib she won't be able to reach it! I was thinking of hanging some wood letters spelling out her name (which is a secret until she's born)...

Thanks again everyone for your feedback!!


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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

Really like the room, very serene and comfortable. Great spot to rock and read to the baby.

All those bees and flower photos, don't tell us you're not subliminally trying to influence this baby into being a gardener. LOL

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Congratulations Buff!

Great job on the nursery, it looks fab and I love the bee theme. (Bees are such fascinating creatures.)

Blessings to you, hubby and to your new baby girl!


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goldedger(z5 Ontario Canada)

Hi Buff

Thanks for sharing your nursery pics with us. Baby Girl will be very comfortable and happy in've created a beautiful space!

Best wishes for a quick and easy delivery.


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wildflower59(z7 va)

I absolutely love what you did with the babies room!! The colours are great and your pictures are wonderful. Congrats Buff!


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hostared(Z5, IL)

Oh so very, very cute. Love the color of the room.
Being a Mom of 3 adult sons I never new what frills and pretty was like in their rooms.
Love the Shitzu on guard duty....we had one also but she's in doggie heaven 6 years now. Great companion dog.

By the time you read this you will have had her.
Best wishes to you and your husband.

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How are you doing? You're almost there. Any news to share yet?


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dbowemd(z5 OH)

The whole nursery looks fantastic.
I noticed the Calvin and Hobbes Sunday cartoon on the one wall, don't know if it has a bee theme. That one must have a special meaning to you. The cartoonist is a close friend of mine from High School.

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

Dave-- you have a sharp eye! Yes, that is a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon... when I was in college, I really liked Calvin & Hobbes. A friend I worked with knew that, so he drew one of the cartoons in pen, then watercolored it for me... then my sister had it framed for me for Christmas! No, it is not bee-themed, but we thought it would be fun to leave it hanging in the nursery.

And yes, I do have news about the baby... Makenna was born on Sat, Sep 29 at 4:00pm. She weighed in at 8lbs 10oz, 21.5 inches long. I labored for over 20 hours (thank God for the epidural), then ended up with a c-section. I have been pleasantly surprised at how fast I am recovering from the c-section... MUCH easier than I thought it would be.

Hope you enjoy the picture!

Daddy picked out the purple bow, which they put on her right after she got her first bath...

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Wooohoo Buff! I've worked hard at keeping the news to myself till you got a chance to make the announcement!

She's just beautiful and look at that hair!!! Love the bow! I can't wait to see her in person--gotta make a date to come over!!!

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Wow, she's beautiful! What a lot of hair. Congratulations to all of you. McT

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Such a sweet, beautiful little baby to live in the perfect little bee room. Congratulations on your first!!!

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OmGosh, Buff!

She is just beautiful! color=pink> And so much dark, beautiful hair! Congratulations to you both, Mom & Dad!


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Epidurals are a wonderful thing:) I labored with my first for 32 hours NO PAIN RELIEVERS!! I had signed a sheet saying I didn't want anything for pain *smack* that's me hitting myself in the head, second one was so much better as I had wizened up to the fact that this might hurt somewhat:)

Your baby is so beautiful and I love the name you picked out:)

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She is beautiful, thanks so much for sharing her pic. God bless you and your husband. I pray you will cherish her always.


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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

Thanks so much for the well-wishes everyone!!! She is beautiful, isn't she?? I do LOVE her dark hair... we get lots of comments on it :-) Have been keeping super busy caring for the baby and trying to figure out this motherhood thing! I have the most wonderful husband... I couldn't do it without him. He is so helpful and is just the best... I couldn't ask for more!

Will try to check in here periodically, but seems like I don't have time for much of anything besides caring for the baby!!


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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

Hey hosta friends! Just wanted to pop in to say "hi" to everyone here! I have been keeping ultra-busy with Makenna, who is now about 7.5 months old! I have been outside some to check on the hostas as they came up this year, and some of mine have really leaped! I hope to get some pictures posted soon. Anyway, here is an updated picture of the baby... isn't she gorgeous? She has big blue eyes :-)


Makenna at ~7.5 months

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Hay Buff, what a doll Makenna is, and quite vocal by the looks of it! I'm glad to hear all is going well for your family. MCT

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Forget the've grown yourself a real beauty!! LOL.
She is a doll, and those expressive. Congratulations, and I hope she lets you venture out into the garden just a little bit this summer.

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Oh Buff she's beautiful! You and hubby must be so happy. Thanks for the update on her, what a sweetie.

Donna ;o)

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The picture made me smile and laugh! What a deight she must be. Thanks for sharing her with us.


PS: My youngest grandchild turned 21 yesterday! I only have 2 gc's(one of each) and both are young adults now. With a blink of an eye they mature so quickly. Enjoy.

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davemidohio(5 OH)

You done good!!

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Yep--she's a 'keeper' for sure!!! No doubt--she will be raised to appreciate the garden, and specifically HOSTA!!!!

And how about pics of your other new baby???

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

Thanks so much, everyone! I also tend to think she's VERY cute, but maybe I'm biased?

Ahhh, yes, our new "child..." I have posted pictures previously of our "first born," our Shih-tzu, Murphy. Well, now Murphy has a furry new companion, a Shih-tzu brother named Bode (pronounced BO-dee.) As if our lives weren't chaotic enough with a new baby, why not add a puppy to the mix?

Here is Bode... (sorry, the lighting was a bit bad, it's hard to see his eyes...)

Here are Bode and big brother Murphy playing...

AND... my big news... MAKENNA IS CRAWLING!! I simply must share this video. I hope this works, I have never tried to link to a video in Photobucket before... click on the link below to see the video! Hope you enjoy it! (Oddly enough, Murphy makes a very brief appearance in this video.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Makenna is crawling

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Oh, Buff! That was fun watching her crawl, and I see she fits right in with the doggie siblings, very well! LOL

Love your 'Bode' too! Thanks for showing the pics of the whole family!

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cathyann(z5 IL)

May I ask the color on the nursery walls?

Such a soothing green......

Congrats to all!

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

The color on the nursery walls is called "Softened Green" and it is from Sherwin Williams. Not sure how I remember that... we painted that room the nice green a few years ago, long before we had the baby!! Although, I must admit, when we painted it green, we knew we'd eventually have that room be our future child's room!


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