talk about a guy with a problem

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5September 29, 2008

and you think you have problems...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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msjo(Z5 MadisonWI)

just visited the link. ROTFLOL

ken, you are so baaaaaad.......

Ms Jo

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Too funny!

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Funny stuff! He needs a Nut Wizard or a Bag-a-Nut. The Nut Wizard is made in 3 sizes - small, med, large.

Oh brother!

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OMG! LMAO! Is this only a washington problem? I dont know whos dumber, the guy wrote wrote it or the guy who asked if he was using a rake! TFF!

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Geeze you guys are tough old birds. We have acorn issues. They are so thick we rake them up and get them by the five gallon bucketfuls. The mower does not pick them up, the critters cannot get most of them, they kill the grass if left, if they get stepped on and pushed into the ground the squirrels dig holes looking for them, they are so thick you cannot walk across the grass w/o slipping and possibly falling. They are so plentiful it seems like they should be good for something and we too would LOVE to turn them into a cash crop. For all the work they cause, they should be worth a fortune. I could be planning new hosta purchases but am stuck picking up acorns for hours each fall!! The frustration is in the eye of the beholder to be sure, but give a guy a break!

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aahostas(z5 central Il.)

I wonder if he gets chiggers on his nuts? I know that I do!


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