My herbs seem to be dying! Is it the little black flies?Hi all,

Polina(USDA zone 6)June 12, 2009

Hi all,

I planted basil, chives, and parsley and (separately) mint. The mint has fared terribly, many of the leaves going completely black and the tips of the remaining leaves also black. I cut down most of the plant (hence no photo) but even the little sprouts coming up seem to have the plague.

The parsley (see photo) has brown tips, and the basil is all but dead and never really even grew much. I have these tiny little flies crawling all around my container and wonder if they are the source? The garden store suggested that I have whiteflies (though these certainly aren't white) and recommended an organic spray I have been using but it does not seem to work :-/. Any suggestions?? I'm a first time gardener, so this is terribly disappointing!

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Polina(USDA zone 6)

Ok, I asked my husband to go after the flies with his macro lens, so here is what they look like. Can anyone identify these critters? There are hundreds of them crawling all over the container!

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Fungus gnats look similar. as to plants dieing, its cilantro and they do yellow after a few days on older leaves. It appears that your watering too much and that cna also deal to damping off and the base of the stems will dry out casing the plant to die. Avoid using common potting or garden soils as they can contain both issues. Sterial seed starting medium will give better results and has no fungus or insect cultures in it to cause these damages.

To remove the fungus gnats, use yellow sticky traps placed horizontally on the edges of the pots. For the eggs and maggpots they produce, use a form of Bt that will kill the maggots in the soil.

Numerous times these same issues have been asked covered here and I give the same answers repeatedly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fungus gnat photos

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