Ball/Kerr Coupon

gin_gin(5)June 16, 2012

Just thought I'd share, on there's a coupon for $3.00 off 2 cases of Ball or Kerr jars. It came in handy since I'm a newbie canner & needed jars!



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does anyone have one of these? know where i can get parts?

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gin gin...check the thrift stores also!! I found two pressure canners that way (new gauges and gaskets required) and many jars through the years.
Just always chek the rims, make sure they are careful checking them, don't cut fingers...

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Junelynn, there's a Goodwill near me I check pretty often. Haven't seen a pressure canner yet. I found some jars there, but they wanted $1-2 each with no rings. They're cheaper new!

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Oh yeah, the Goodwill near me asks $1 for jelly jars with no rings! I wait til they're half price and then it's (a little) cheaper than new. I keep looking for a pressure canner too (missed one on CL).

But I scored 7 cup-and-a-half jars (the type Ball just brought back) for $1 at church tag sale this weekend! DH was helping set up there while I was pricing at the plant sale at the other end of the yard, he called me over and asked if I needed any quarts, I said no, but opened the box when I wandered over later and saw these beauties!

I'd have to count, I think I've got 10 now...

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