Brogdon Avocado Ripening

whgille(FL 9b)July 11, 2009

This Brogdon Avocado was planted two years ago and it survived the bad winter that we had.

This morning, Tiny was checking the avocado fruits and found a black avocado to my surprise.

As I investigated further, I discovered more fruits changing color.

I think this one is for a guacamole, wouldn't you agree?

Happy Gardening,


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silvia, how many avocados on a tree that size? (i'm looking to add one more tree, maybe two, to my garden...)

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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi Michael
I did not count the avocados yet. But, just from looks alone, is a good amount.

Judging from the taste, is a sure winner, best I tried so far in Florida. Better than Haas, in my opinion.

If you want to add another tree. Do you like Sugar Apple? I have one that is also fruiting and did well with the freeze, not covered. Avocado was not covered either.


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Nice looking fruit. My Brogdon has been in the ground for five years now. There are about 35-40 avocados on it; I'll be sure to check them ripening. Mine did not ripen until August last year.

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cool. i think i'll get a brogdon, then. i've heard they're tasty. there's a west-indies lady at the market who always has nice ones for sale. i've never tried a sugar apple... what's it like?

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whgille(FL 9b)

Thanks. Nice to have a lot of avocados that are tasty.

I have a mix of a Sugar Apple and a Chirimoya. An Atemoya.
We love Chirimoyas, Cheryl already told me ,"those fruits on the tree are mine". To us is one of the best fruits anyone can have, for Cheryl the best!
I have Chirimoya seeds from far away, if you want to start from seed, let me know.
My fruiting tree, is also 2 years old. Remember, all my plantings are 2 years or less.


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Silvia---Your brogdon avocado tree looks so attractive as well as productive. My brogdon is in part sun so it isn't growing as fast as yours. I got mine from the lady at the DeLand Farmers Market, the one Michael just mentioned. You are located in a much warmer area than Michael and I are. I have a young atemoya growing in a pot.

Michael, if I ever get any fruit I will give you one to try.

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whgille(FL 9b)

Thank you. If it is colder there you might have better luck with the chirimoya, it grows in colder places.
It is like tomatoes from the supermarket,the taste is just not there when you buy it in the store. I saw it in Whole Foods for $8, and I am sure it would not taste it like tree ripened.

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babalu_aye(zone 9b - St Pete FL)


I'm envious! That will be perfect for guacamole.

How do you keep the squirrels from stealing all your avocados? I've got a huge, ancient avocado tree that each year starts out with thousands of little avocados in the spring. But the squirrels love to feast on them while they're still tiny. This year, for the 2nd year in a row, there are no avocados left. I know it is the squirrels getting them because I've seen them up in that tree, picking little avocados, taking a single bite out of them, then dropping them to the ground.


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whgille(FL 9b)

Get a dog. That is my advice. And I tell you a little story.
My neighbors went on vacation and they took the dogs with them. I was taking care of their plants, and oh no, the squirrels moved in!

Now that they are back, no squirrels.


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Silvia,you always amaze me. Those avocados look terrific.
The information about the chirimoya has inspire me.
My mother brought back, from south Florida, several seeds of all kind of fruit trees. I told her that it gets too cold,up here,for them. I think I'll plant the seeds in pots and let them grow. When they are too big for my greenhouse,I'll plant them in the ground and protect them
when it gets cold. It will be an experiment.
The plant that you gave me at Melissa's swap,mora something, is growing nicely. How old do they have to be
for fruiting.

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whgille(FL 9b)

Thank you Felix, the chirimoya is one of the tastiest fruits. You have a good chance with the seeds having the greenhouse.
I do have a lot of plants from warmer places, when it gets cold I moved them to the porch.
My father used to make a dessert for me made of "babaco", mountain papaya. Maybe I will try to grow that one too in the future.
And about the mora, I really don't know, because we always had it wild in the house. It is in the same family of blackberries, so I would think it fruits in a year or two. We will see, I have other plants as an experiment too. I will let you know.


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