Amaranth greens and Swiss chard

tracydr(9b)June 7, 2014

We are moving in a month. I am inundated with amaranth greens and chard. Has anybody had success canning these? How do they taste after canning?
Also, has anybody done a ferment on amaranth greens? I'd like to make some saurkraut with some of them, along with kale kraut.

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tracydr.... we have frozen greens, chard with good results... for your question about amaranth check with this fb page... someone should be able to answer your question:

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I have had great success with drying both, then using the dried leaves like parsley flakes in any number of recipes. The only thing it doesn't work for is the thick ribs of the chard. You could dry in the oven if you don't use a dehydrator.

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