greengreen(8)June 22, 2010

about one month ago i got a small patchouli plant in a little plastic nursery pot. it just started to flower (i think) a week or so ago.

i've read that the flowers are even more fragrant than the leaves, but i don't know if cutting them off would promote the plants growth, or not? if so, should i cut them off now, or only once they die/fade/dry-up a la "dead heading"?

it's a little one & it'd be nice to nurture it towards a more bushy condition. should i cut the flowers off? prune it back if/when it gets leggy? i've also read they can benefit from a hard pruning.

any advice about patchoulis would be appreciated.

thanks, dayna

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i would think itd be like basil once it flowers thats what it wants to do you can get seeds (if its fertile) but the leaves may be useless

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While it's still a baby, remove the flowers. Once it matures, flowers won't make any difference. I don't think the flowers are all that attractive, anyway!

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nygardener(z6 New York)

It's a tender perennial and can last several years if you grow it in pots and bring it indoors (to a humid room with cool nights) for the winter. As with any small shrub, deadheading is a good idea, as is pruning if it gets leggy, which it tends to do.

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