Spring Fling

Teresa_MNOctober 11, 2006

Looking good still on October 10 - but it's having a fling with winter this morning. It's snowing here! Well just a few flakes but geeeeees! It was 78 degrees last Saturday!


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Oooouuuhhh, can't wait till mine grows up like that!


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Beautiful Teresa. It looks great!

That's one I don't have that I'm planning on looking for next season.

What else in your hosta collection still looks good for this time of year?

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Still looking good in October -

unidentified hosta

A many Splendored Thing and Earth Angel on the left - Dream Weaver or Queen in the lower right corner.

Guacamole which is to the right of Spring Fling. Midwest Magic which is above Guacamole in the corner of the photo.

Leading Lady, Francis Williams and pictured - Silk Kimono and Big Daddy.

All photos taken last nite or the nite before.

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IMHO you should post these in the genreal discussion side, so more people see them. I almost missed these being over here in the off topic discussion section.

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jerry, I think Teresa was really discussing the weather...its snowing in her neck of the woods, and that is OT...IMHO. Perhaps it was ironic to her that it was snowing and Spring Fling was still in great shape.

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