What Size Container for Herbs

paulbJune 8, 2006

What size Containers do I need to plant, Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, and Cilantro in?

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Keeping it brief. THINK BIG.

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Anyone know what size containers?

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sharon_sd(SW ON)

Cilantro and basil are short lived plants, so it depends how many plants you want for your culinary needs. I would say about 10 sq in of surface space per plant.

Rosemary and oregano will last many years if treated right. They will increase in size over that time. Plant in a pot a little bigger than the one supplied by the nursry and then plan to increase the pot size as they become root bound.

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Don't bother with the cilantro... it'll bolt here soon... Reno is way too hot in the summer to grow cilantro... Down here in Sac, it's a winter/spring plant. I'd plant the other 3 in five gallons eventually, though you have to do it gradually if they are small... the rosemary, depending on variety might eventually need a 10 gallon if it lives long enough.

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Heathen, Our Temps in Reno are a bit cooler than Sac, although we can get scorching heat well into the 90's and above. Looks like this week we won't even break mid 80's.

So for growing Herbs. I guess you all are saying transplant into progressively bigger containers???????
Would you guys say 3 gal is enough for starters? Please give me some help as I am new to this. I just have Patio container room for 1 of each.

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Paul - I think in this case, the bigger the pot, the more they will grow and spread and the more you can harvest. If you opt for smaller pots, you would want (or need) to divide them after awhile, as they'll be really jammed. I have my various herbs (pineapple mint, greek oregano, italian oregano, sweet basil, genovese basil, pineapple sage) growing in various decorative plastic 8" and 10" pots. I have peppermint running all over a 2ft wooden trough and I recently got some lemon thyme from one of my sisters who had divided an overgrown clump in her raised bed. I'll probably put the thyme in a 12" shallow bowl pot.

Since this is for my own consumption and I am sorely lacking optimal (ie., "sunny") growing space, then this works for me. A 3 gallon is a good starter size for larger plants and 5 gallon (like HD plastic paint buckets) would be even better to get a good crop of herbs going, especially for rosemary or even basil.

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Paul... 80º is warm enough to make cilantro bolt... it's a cool weather plant! :o( Reno is hard to garden in... your winters are soooooooooo cooooooooold! BRRRRRR! *shiver*
Also, about getting the herbs to bigger pots, the bigger the pot, the less you will have to water, so keep that in mind for the rosemary and oregano, the basil will like the water.

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