Some photos from the past few weeks & Zeus

celeste(zone 4 NH)August 11, 2014

So many photos to share, so little time. Here is but a sampling of what has been blooming this summer. Most are still going but starting to slow down and a few lates are starting up but I have a long way to catch up on photos.
They will be long bloomed out before I ever catch up!






(thanks again Nancy!)

sea of daylilies


I love that this forum has so many animal lovers, so that we can share our furbabies along with our flowers. Many of you may recall I always posted pictures of my big boy Nemo, Zeus and Lily....well, Nemo & Lily passed on last summer and now I have only Zeus. Zeus is my 'everything'. I love him like I love my children and grandchildren so like a proud mama, I have to show him Check out his double paws....















THANKS FOR LOOKING.....many more to come!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

oh gollies,cant wait for more beauties to see.Thank you for posting all these beauties for all of us to see.Wish I could see your garden in person, but since I can't this will have to do,and they are so many daylilies I just love.Can't get enough of their beauty.This PERSIAN RUBY is so beautiful. would love to have that one too in my garden.and I really like SMOKE SCREAM , didn't think I would ever like any with these different shapes. They call these UF's ? and I want to thank you for the photo of ZEUS, too.I been wondering how hes doing.he is so pretty.


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You really are getting big clumps. Lavender Heartthrob is filled with scapes. Persian Ruby was a Stout runner-up recently. What are your favorites from this group?

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I love the photos of the sea of daylilies and your baby Zeus, and am so sorry to hear about losing your other cat family members. Those double mitts on Zeus are great!

Carolina Twilight is beautiful and I love the recurved open face on Siloam Golden Gate.

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No trouble picking a favorite this time. Zeus on the chair is the winner......nothing like seeing a happy cat to make you smile, and clearly he is quite happy. The daylilies are all beautiful, but Celestial Beauty is my favorite of the group.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

THANK YOU Jean, Mantis, maximus and Linda for commenting! Mantis, since you asked about favorites of this group (aside from Zeus of course!) I would have to pick Carolina Twilight for it's color, vigor and budcount....Celestial Beauty for the same....and Lavender Heartthrob because it is one of the first to start blooming and one of the last to quit. I have heard from others on here that their Lav. HT doesn't do well but I must have a good one because mine is a very hefty clump of great vigor and amazing bloom production. Of course, I do love the others I posted but these would be my top 3.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

P.S....and oh, I forgot PERSIAN RUBY....HOW COULD I?
This is another favorite. Really huge blooms of deepest darkest red, almost purple and a commanding presence in the garden. I love it!


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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Beautiful daylilies and a very handsome Zeus! The picture of him is adorable. My favorite daylily of this group is Creepy Crawler - that's one that I've been wanting to get, I like the looks and the name, and I'm pretty sure the hybridizer was from Michigan.

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You have so many beauties! And of course Zeus, soo cute, what a funny sleeping pose :)
S. Golden Gate looks very nice, Bahama Butterscotch is pretty too, love sea of daylilies pics! Love Pure and Simple too, and many others.
Wow your Lavender Heartthrob is doing great, many scapes, seems tall. I am one of those people whose Lav H isn't that great. Mine starts as EM maybe, way after others, low bud count, short. At least it opens well! And the blooms are big :)

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Nancy zone 6

You have so many beautiful daylilies, & many I don't often see. I've scrolled up & down, I think maybe I like Winning Note, every bloom looks just perfect on that clump. Really like the sea of daylilies pictures too. Of course, Zeus surpasses them all, he's really a handsome guy & I love his pose.

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shive(6b TN)

My favorites are Desperate Housewives, Winning Note, and Zeus!

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

THANK YOU twixanddud, Nat, Nancy and Debra! Twixanddud, you will like Creepy Crawler. The blooms are big and bright and I just love that edge it has. Nat, it is strange how Lavender HT does so well for me here when I have heard from you and others that it isn't that great for them. I got mine from BlueRidge and it hit the ground running. Stellar performance year after year. And yes, mine is tall. Nancy, I love Winning Note too and I am surprised at how many blooms it pumps out each year. Got it from Maryott's. Debra, I figured you would love the bright pink of Desperate Housewives....and of course, Zeus!


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Maryl zone 7a

Zeus is handsome guy with that almost velvet looking grey fur. If he were human imagine how well he could play the piano with those extra fingers-lol...........Your daylilies are so pretty. Hard to narrow it down to a top 3. I like Celestial Beauty even though UFs aren't my favorite form. The pale yellow color and maroon pattern call to me. Carolina Twilight also says look at me. Again, the pattern adds to its overall beauty. I like the color on Scarlet Pansy too.....Really have a nice garden.....Maryl

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So many beautiful flower photos, no way to choose a favorite...oh yeah. Zeus is always a favorite.

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