A tiara and a parfait for Saturday

shive(6b TN)August 3, 2014

I had two ffo's today - quite an odd occurrence for August! The first ffo was on Rossen's Tiara, which I received from Maryott in mid June. The other was on Ruffled Strawberry Parfait, which has bloomed very late the past two years.

ROSSEN'S TIARA is a lovely, round, rose pink emo.

RUFFLED STRAWBERRY PARFAIT only has one bud. The poor thing has been growing in a pot for several years. I guess the nutrients are totally depleted, and dh failed to water it during the weeks I was out of town.

My Karelia seedling has put up several late scapes.

Tuxie sitting in the area where I've killed the grass for a new seedling bed.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

What pretty cat Tuxie is. I simply love that first one,ROSSEN'S TIARA. That one is beautiful, and your seedling is a very pretty one, too. I had 7 blooms today. Had just 2 on Beautiful edging, and 2 on Marietta surprise and 3 on Last Reward..I did have a lot of brown leaves on mine, but in last 2 weeks, have gotten a fair amount of rain. Well, a little over fair a week ago on Friday night with 5 inches of rain and another 2 inches Thursday night. The daylilies are loving it too, leaves has turned a pretty green again and I even see some new fans coming up on some.


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Such is the fate of grass on daylily addicts' lots. Is Karelia quite vigorous?

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Beautiful daylilies; I really like your seedling. Tuxie is beautiful too.

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Nancy zone 6

ROSSEN'S TIARA is such a pretty color & such a perfect bloom. The next one is really pretty too, & I like that it is late. Most of my latest bloomers aren't my prettiest, & this one must be really very late.My latest bloomer has been blooming for about a week now. Love the seedling too, is it a small flower? The best photo is the last one though :)

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Tuxie is a lovely cat. I like all three blooms. the eye o the seedling is such a pretty shade...I always seem to like teeth, and Rosens Tiara has such a beautiful color and form.

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I moved my Ruffled Strawberry Parfait up next to the sun room this year. She always bloomed so late, after most are done, and she was far out in the garden that I missed most of the blooms. She has put up ten scapes and they are loaded with buds. I will get to enjoy her this year as never before. I can't wait. Your seedling is very nice.

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shive(6b TN)

Jean - You are so lucky to have gotten so much rain. When it does rain here, we get less than a half inch.

Mantis - Karelia died over the winter. And it really wasn't too vigorous to begin with.

Nancy - The seedling has a 5 inch bloom. What is your latest bloomer? I have one that is later than Ruffled Strawberry Parfait. It is Last Chance for Romance, which is about a week away from its ffo.

Jkayd - I know Ruffled Strawberry Parfait does well for a lot of people. I must get it out of that pot.


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Great shot of cute Tuxie, and I really like your seedling. I like the ruffling in the throat and the edge is beautiful.

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Nancy zone 6

Debra, my very last bloomer is Last Reward, much later than any of my other daylilies this year. At this time of the year, late bloomers are precious :)

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Maryl zone 7a

I adopted a Tuxedo cat last fall. I was told that Tuxedo cats were usually very bright, and from your picture it looks like Tuxi is up to speed. Unfortunately mine had a genetic heart defect and died after 2 months with me at 2 years of age. She was very bright though so true to her colors......Now you've done it again to me with another one of your pinks. Is Rossen Pink as pink in person as in the photo? Really nice form and if it is a late that adds to its appeal. I like your seedling too. Nice one...........Maryl

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shive(6b TN)

Maryl - Yes, Rossen's Tiara is a rose pink, so it's very pink. No orange or peachy tones.


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Maryl zone 7a

Thanks Debra. Rossen's Pink goes on my pink list.......Maryl

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Tuxie is cute! Did you spray the grass with grass killer? I am trying to somehow kill the grass that creeps into beds (with cardboard) but it doesn't work.

Daylilies are beautiful! Lovely seedling, pretty pink Rossen's Tiara and love that edge on Parfait!

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