Peak week last week, loads of photos

celeste(zone 4 NH)August 5, 2014

It was peak here last week but I've fallen behind in posting....however, I've taken hundreds of photos of all that's blooming. While I have no free time to share them as regularly as I'd like, I intend to share them here over the next few weeks. Hope you all stick around!






OLLY OLLY OXEN this year and I got it because my 4th grandson's name is Ollie....much bigger than it looks.

GLORY IN RED....huge, huge blooms of true red








Garden scenes



DEN OF INIQUITY, sorry, no time to deadhead










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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Wow, where does one start?

BONNIE CORLEY w/ friends is so pretty.
PURPLE CHEETAH is on my wish list.
WISPY RAYS is a favorite here. Hoping my single fan multiplies quick.
FLAMING WILDFIRE I love the color.
EMILY DICKINSON is my very favorite shape in daylilies.
RUBY SPIDER & ORCHID CORSAGE are beautiful clump shots.
ORCHID CORSAGE has been on my list as everyone that has it loves it.

Love the O.T. lily pic. I added a bunch last year and this year they were beautiful.

Your garden shots are just beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Celeste, if I was to make a wish list from your photos I'd have to include every single one! I keep scrolling and saying OH! and WOW! They're just beautiful. Bonnie Corley is just so...'feminine' and Stargate Portal so dramatic. Love 'em! Nice to see your great photo of Siloam David Kirchoff as I just won that one on the Lily Auction this summer. Can't wait to see blooms like that in my own garden.
Thank you for all the enjoyment looking at your garden photos brings,

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Very many beautiful blooms. Stargate Portal is what caught me eye this time, along with the garden shots which I always love. Beautiful post, Celeste.

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You have so many pretty ones blooming....WOW! However that clump of Stargate Portal made my jaw drop. What an attention getter that one is!


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW!!!!!! Celeste,Thank you so much for taking the time to post all of these beauties. Course,I have already wore out the post and pictures from scolling up and down over and over and over, looking at each one, so many beauties, I love them all, but,STARGATE PORTAL is unbelievable gorgeous.I MUST have that one, some day.


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Nice daylilies. I almost bought Orchid Corsage a few years ago but didn't. I should have, it's a pretty one.

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Maryl zone 7a

Golly, what a great group of pictures. Under the catagory of "new one to me" Flaming Wildfire caught my attention right off. I love deep warm oranges and your picture is right up my alley. This one goes on my list.....Tiramisu is delicious (both kinds), Ruby Spider just glows and Emily Dickinson has a warm powder pink color that is very uniquely appealing. Hadn't seen her around before either....Your garden shots are book worthy and make me feel guilty for not being out there in our heat and humidity deadheading mine....How great everything looks in this post......Maryl

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I really like the color on Tiramisu. I think Rita used to post that one. It is not a cultivar readily available. Does it have any faults in your opinion?
In second garden scene, what is spidery white daylily?
Den of Iniquity looks very good.
Pat Garrity, here, has very low bud count, but after the initial sparse early bloom, it sometimes reblooms.
Campanula looks great with Wispy Rays.
Shasta daisies really pop in the garden.

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Wow, stunning gardens and pictures! I've always admired Stargate Portal... and as I'm looking at your picture I suddenly see that it has quite a resemblance to Claudine's Charm, at least in picture. It is beautiful, love those colors. Wispy Rays looks great, I think I've only got a bud or two left on mine now.

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Julia NY(6)

Always a pleasure to see your pics. I'll be sticking around to see who has the last bloom LOL. Not much time lately to post but hopefully things will settle down soon. The push is on to reorganize the garden before that white fluffy stuff starts falling again.

Keep the pictures coming.


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Beautiful DLs, Celeste! I love Tiramisu and it has a yummy name. Does your Prediction always look so nice this year? I have problems with mine - deformed blooms :(
Love Glory In Red too! Ruby Spider has been terrific here this year (only one bud left).
Don't think I've ever seen Share A Little - interesting name :) It's very pretty! Also love F. Vivacious and Stargate Portal.
Your OT lilies look awesome!
Did you add anything new this year?

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

THANK YOU all so much for looking and taking the time to comment. Your feedback makes the effort to post worthwhile! I enjoy all your remarks and input.

It seems Stargate Portal was the big hit and it is well-deserved. For many years I coveted this one and swore I would get my hands on it. I feared it wouldn't live up to my expectations but it is every bit as stunning (and a great bloomer and increaser in my garden) as I dreamed. The color is exactly as you see in my has not been enhanced. I have well over 400 cultivars now and yet this one is still 'wowing' me.
To answer questions, Mantis: Tiramisu is brand-new and just 2 fans but bloomed from being planted in June. Therefore I can't evaluate it this year. The cream spider in the 2nd landscape shot is 'Shaker Dance'.
A closer shot of it follows.
Nat, Prediction looks fine this year but last year I did sometimes find it looking a little funky now and then.
I did add about 30 new daylilies this year, less than what I usually acquire. I am running out of room but that still won't stop

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shive(6b TN)

I always love your garden shots. They are such an inspiration! My favorite single is Tiramisu because of the gorgeous, saturated color. My favorite group shot is of Stargate Portal. It has my favorite colors and looks great with the contrasting gold daylily.


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Nancy zone 6

So many I love, and several I'm not familiar with. Tiramisu is such a great color. I'm with the crowd though, Stargate portal really caught my eye. I'm so glad someone else had asked about the cream spidery one, that grabbed my eye too and I don't think I've seen that one before. I like the name too.

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So beautiful. I love your garden shots with all the stone work. Lovely. Stargate Portal is a must have! It's on my list now.

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I swore I wouldn't start any more wish lists because I'd have to move daylilies out to move anything in. Then I looked at this post and have started a list with five of your daylilies on it. Thanks for identifying Shaker Dance (I was going to ask if Mantis hadn't). Spirit of the Dove, Emily Dickinson and Tiramisu are all new to me and I love them.

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