Turnip Question

gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)June 23, 2012

I just put up 8qts of turnips the other dsy. All in all it seemed to go fine. I allowed 1/2 headspace in all jars. My question is that now after a few days there seems to be about 1" headspace in the jars and some of the turnips are not completely submerged in liquid, would they be safe or is the jars useless now? I didnt relise they made adding pictures easier, so as soon as im out of work Ill take a picture of what I mean. If i turn jars upside down nothing leaks out so i dont think water escaped while pressure canning, but then again im still a novice canner compared to alot of you. Thanks

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Your turnips are just fine. 1 inch headspace is standard. If any of the turnips are partially poking out of the fluid, DO NOT WORRY.
They are safe to eat. They may discolor (the part out of the fluid) but they are completely safe to eat.
And yes, we all sometimes lose water from out jars in pressure canning and the water left while in the canner. The jars are now sealed and turning them over will not prove that you did not lose any water/fluid in the process.
Jim in So Calif

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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

Thank you Jim, I was affraid I'd have to discard them. I planted a veriety called Oasis, they are an all white and sweet turnip. To bad they are hybrids thoughh, id like to start saving the seed. You can through theese seed anywhere and they would grow without any further attention, They are very mild in that turnip taste which is why i'd hate to have thrown them out, Thanks again

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