My Page challenge

megaul(Z5OHIO)October 5, 2006

I'm actually enjoying the conversation side of the forum and have a challenge for those who wish to take it.

When I enjoy a post, I freq. click on "My Page" of the author hoping to learn more about the person who captured my attention. And, you know, frequently, it's a bit of a disappointment, as it's often just bare bones stuff.

Here's the challenge: How about jazzing up your "My Page"? You don't have to make it too revealing about confidential information, but what about a few of your favorite hosta pics, or your interests, your garden buddies, etc. We all know everyone here is creative. How about showing it on "My Page"?. I've worked on mine a bit if you need an example.

Just go to 'member pages' and click on 'edit my personal info'.

Are you up to the challenge? :-)

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I am - I probably won't get to it for a couple of days.

I too check out the "my page" option all the time and am disappointed when there is nothing there and no way to email them.

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sassy7142(z5 OHIO)

I'll get mine done, but hubby will have to help me put some pics on it. He's been busy outside so
I might have to wait till a rainey day.

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Hi Marsha, good idea. I tweaked mine a little, but didn't add pics. Got to work on that one. Do we need to put the pics up in a photobucket account?

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Good idea, Marsha--"will do" but it will not be right away--I'm rather pre-occupied
for awhile with a friend having had surgery!


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This is a great idea. I'll update my page as soon as I get a chance - sometime after next week. I can see spending more and more time on this forum learning about the "people" behind the plants. McT

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Yep, just upload your pics in photobucket and insert into your dialog message. It's the same as you would do to post a pic on the forum.

Great everyone! I'll look forward to checking out all the "My Page"s as everyone gets to them. Should be lots of fun!

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

I have gone in and updated my page... check it out! A couple of tips for those of you getting ready to update your page... Getting the spacing right was a little tricky... a little different compared to when posting a message here in the forum. When I did a "carriage return" or hit enter to get a space between pictures or sentences, they do not show up. So I had to use a series of periods like this ....... to get the spacing right. One more tip... the first time I attempted to update the page, I put all my changes in at one time and it took quite a while to do this. By the time I hit the link for saving the changes, it had timed me out and my changes were lost. So when I went to re-do it, I had to update the page in stages, meaning... I had to put in a few sentences and pictures, save the changes, then repeat the process until I was finished updating my page.

If anyone out there has any suggestion for getting a "carriage return" on the "My Page" please let me know.

Hope you all have fun updating your page!!


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I checked yours out - it looks great!

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phil(5 Ohio)

I would love to up date mine, BUT, I'm sorry , I don't know how to post pictures. I got Photo Bucket but can't make it work. Maybe I'm to old to learn new stuff like that.

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

Hey Phil... sorry to hear you're having Photobucket issues, and you're not too old to learn something new! I'm assuming you have already got your Photobucket account set up. Once you have your account set up, you will need to upload your photos to Photobucket. If you already have the photos loaded into Photobucket, skip to step 8. Otherwise, here is the process, as I know it...

(1) Once you are logged into Photobucket, click on "My Album"
(2) You should see an area at the top of the page that says "Upload images and video." Click on BROWSE.
(3) Browse to the place in your computer where you have your digi pics stored, and click on the pic you want to upload.
(4) Add a description, if you want, but this is not necessary.
(5) Click on UPLOAD.
(6) Depending on if you have dial-up or some other faster internet connection, this could take a little bit of time.
(7) Your photo should then be loaded into Photobucket.
(8) Leave the Photobucket browser window open, and open a new browser window.
(9) In the new browser window, you will click your way to the Gardenweb, then to the hosta forum, then to the thread where you want to post a photo.
(10) At this point, if you haven't already logged into GW, you will need to log in at the bottom of the page.
(11) Scroll down to the bottom of the thread, and compose your post, i.e. type whatever you intend to.
(12) To get your photo into your post, first click back over to the Photobucket window.
(13) Below your uploaded pictures, you will see 3 lines called "Url" "Tag" and "Img" You need to copy the TAG line, by either highlighting the text inside the box and hitting Ctrl C (at the same time) or right click on the highlighted text, and click copy.
(14) Click back over to your browser window where you have your GW message all composed.
(15) Single left click on the spot in the message where you want your photo to appear.
(16) Paste the text you just copied here, by either hitting Ctrl V (at the same time) or right click and click paste.
(17) Hit the preview message box, and you should now see your picture show up in your message. If you don't see your picture in your previewed message, you have done something incorrectly.
(18) Remember, you need to leave your photo in Photobucket if you want it to continue being seen in the threads. As soon as you delete it from Photobucket, it won't show up in the threads anymore.

I hope this helps, and I don't make it more confusing for you. I'm sorry to say I don't know how much computer experience you have so I tried to keep it simple.


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I often visit member's My Page to learn a little more. I have done a little updating to my page. Good suggestion.

Buff, I was able to get spacing between the paragraphs by adding the html code for paragraph, (less than symbol and greater than symbol with p in between) or the html code for break (less than symbol, greater than symbol with a br in between). I would type the actual symbols, however the post will recognize it as html code and it will not show). If you pop up my page, then select View and Source, you will see the code I used.

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

Yay, hostabuff! From one Buff to another, thank you!! Your tip with the html code was exactly what I was looking for... I have again updated my page so that the spacing is correct! Woohoo!! I guess my requirement for spacing between the pictures and sentences is my technical side coming out...


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So far, buff24 and hostabuff have come through!
They are BUFF!
Big time! Two thumbs, WAY up!!

As for the rest of you???

Hey, your public is waiting! Joint the Buff Brigade!
Show us your buff stuff, or be a stiff! :-)

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Done! I didn't add much to the text because I already had quite a bit there.. just a short update. But I did add photos. I'd like some feedback. Do they take too long to load? Are they too small? Too many? Opinions welcome :-)

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tsbccowboy(Minnesota zone 4B)

Your page looks great and it loaded fast. I especially liked your "Peas come in" sign.


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papou(Z5b Ontario)

I have updated my page.


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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Thanks Cowboy! I checked yours out too and it looks great! Funny, until this thread, I'd never even realized that you could add photos to MyPage.

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goldedger(z5 Ontario Canada)

Great idea Megaul......I've enjoyed checking the newly refurbished pages. I'll accept the challenge and update mypage as well........soon!

Haven't been here in several days so I'm trying to catch up with all the posts.


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My page is updated. WARNING - Please expect pictures!!!

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

Great page, McTavish!!


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Ohhh, McT...Wonderful page!

Now THAT'S what I had in mind...a MY PAGE that really shows something about who you are.

Thanks so much! It was a real treat to visit!

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Thank's, it was fun to do.

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

mctavish, first let me say that your MyPage is fantastic! I love the way you did it and your garden's aren't half bad either :-) Well, actually, your garden is great too!

Secondly, would you mind sharing how you did the MyPage? I thought you must have created one large image and then displayed it on your GW page. But I'm trying that and it just isn't working for me. I've tried posting my image on both photobucket and on imageevent and either way, I can either get it to display tiny on MyPage, or I can make it display large but all of my resolution disappears. Two things if you wouldn't mind sharing... how DID you do that? And what size image and what quality image did you use?

Thanks so much.

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Wow. Everyone's pages are really coming along and showing some creativity. It is fun to read a page that reflects the personality of the owner. Mctavish, the view from your home is so beautiful. You must love sitting out on your deck...lovely.

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Thank you for the compliments. I do love working with photos and experimenting with collages, different backgrounds and different fonts. (It avoids having to do housework - don't tell our clean freak friends - know I'm secretly envious!) What I did to make this page was make 6 separate pages. Each was saved and treated as if it were one picture in photobucket. I have a program where I can work with pictures - do you have one of those? If I'm just doing one regular picture, I open it in the program then save it back to my picture file selecting the size. I pick between 800 to 1000 for the width. The other measurements are on their own. With "My page", The 1st was the "house". I opened it in the program. I selected the background color I wanted (and kept it through all 6). I added the 2 pictures and put the text above it. It was at 1500 thingies. Page 2 was the pets, 1500. Page 3 the Begonias, 1500. Page 4 the daylilies, 1000. Page 5 roses, 2000. Page 6, the balcony, 2000. As you can see, I didn't really know what I was doing exactly as far as the size went. I suspect that 1000 would have done for each of them but I'm not sure? I was thinking - who knows's what I was thinking! Anyway, after they were saved in the picture file, they were already the correct size for Photobucket. I uploaded them in there all ready to copy onto what ever message you choose. Someone (I think Marsha?) told me about this a while ago. If you save your picture in the large size you can't seem to control what it will look like when it ends up on the forum. What I did then (have I lost you yet?) is go to the place where you'd be posting a message in response to "Re: My Page Challange" on the forum. I pasted all 6 pages from Photobucket and viewed them just like you would if you were going to submit them. They looked ok so I copied all the hyroglyphics (I KNOW this is spelled wrong), opened the place where I edit "My Page" and pasted it. It worked. I erased the part where it was a response to the "MY Page Challenge". I supose the first drawback would be if you don't have a program with the ability to work with pictures and add text. If you don't, I can tell you what mine is. The basic thing was free but I upgraded it by 25 dollars and have never been sorry.

Hostabuff, I do really love where I live and am thankful for it every day. I love sitting out in all the different areas because they are all so unique. The courtyard is intimate, filled with hostas, cool, quiet and magic. The view side is open and dramatic. It's hot over there all summer and I love to soak up the heat and cool off in the pool. The pictures barely capture the awesome quality of it.

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

mctavish, you explained what you did very well. I never thought to make multiple images and then display them so they looked like one image. Perfect! I do have programs that allow me to do image manipulation and to add text. I don't have time to set one up tonight (no housework but I have to pay a couple of bills, hit the shower, then head for bed so I can be up at 5:30 am and do it all over again ). But, I will give it a try within a few days and I think with your help it will come out right. Thanks again!

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