Halloween Hostas

megaul(Z5OHIO)October 12, 2006

Even when they are ugly, they are pretty!

Of course, you have to have the Show Offs, that thumb their nose at Fall, at least for today...As of this morning, Oct. 12, with the thermometer saying 36 degrees...

Sum of All isn't buying into Fall yet...In fact, he's showing off his pristine leaves to poor Kossa Regal.

And, his step brother Sum and Substance has taken to collecting leaves but not succumbing to turning brown himeself...yet.

And, then of course, you have the REAL holdouts that look about as good now as they did in the peak Spring season. Wonder what their beauty secret is???

Pauls Glory from just this morning strutting his stuff...

And can't forget June! She never saw a Fall she didn't thrive in...

And then there is Jimmy Crack Corn. He's the last to show up in the Spring...I thought he was a gon'er..and one of the last to leave in the Fall. Bless his little pea pickin' heart!

Which are your Halloween Hostas...those that plan on sticking around until we change the clocks!

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You know, it is so cool, that when I look at your photos, Marsha, I feel like you've been strolling through my hosta--except for so many oak leaves!

My back-yard leaves are mostly from "Ash", "Moraine Locust", "Norway Maple", "Redbuds", and one "Pin Oak" and some from 3 "Silver Maples" next door.

I am praying that my Ash trees will be spared the latest tree blight/ beetle infestation but unless they come up with something quickly, it would be, indeed only by a super-natural act or Divine intervention that they will be spared!!! That will be a drastic altering of my hosta-situations! I can hardly imagine it--and I don't want to either!


I'm sorry--I do seem to be "wandering" in my thoughts today, it must be the sudden change in temperature--adds to the "brain freeze" I can experience on occasion--right "Debbie", er "Brenda"? :o)

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I think the Holloween orange is great. Maybe someday they'll come out with a hosta that is actually that color.

Megaul some of your babies look absolutely virginal. Are you sure they aren't pictures from spring?!! Looking at you June, I think you must water from below. I'm sure that's the best way, but not possible for me. June, and other blues in particular get hard water deposits by the middle of the summer. Anyway, beautiful plants, especially this late in the year.

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Think I saw Debbie and Brenda strolling thru the leaves in my back yard this morning! LOL

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lol---we all have some form of "split-personalites" don't we? I'm sure if I ever
met you, "Brenda", it would never be a problem remembering "who" you are!
And, even now, as the "personality" behind the name is coming out, I think it's
really working! I'm remembering better! Another "case" for this forum--we get
to know one another so much better!

Brenda, Brenda, brenda, BRENDA, Brinda, brynda, Bernda, Brande, oh nooo,
"the brain"--it's really cold and windy outside,(37 degrees not quite freezing,
yet, here) and yet it's cooling down inside my head, as well!!LOL


BTW--nice "oranges", McT! Hmm--wonder if we can "carve" an orange instead
of a pumpkin! Something to consider, for those having difficulty finding pumpkins!
Naw, I'd rather eat it! I probably really nead the Vitamin C, for the "brain" thaw!
Oh dear,I just realized that if I get that freeze/thaw thing going, my brain may turn
to mush!!! Er, uh, maybe it already has (thought I'd come to that conclusion myself,
since I KNOW you all are thinking it has already--long ago)!!!hahaha--Did I also,
tell you, that I'm "intuitive"? Another symptom of "mush-brain" I'm sure! LOL

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I must have missed something - who are Brenda and Debbie? By the way, is it normal to have to log in every time you want to respond to something? McT

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Debbieis my alter-ego....Janice can't remember my name is Denise. Not sure about Brenda.

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Out checkin' out the pumpkin, er, hosta, patch this morning.
A few don't seem to know it's Fall, yet! YEAH!!

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I have just a few who don't know it's fall,yet,but here is a pic taken today of the dwindling hosta garden! Phil

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Your woods are beautiful Phil. Don't you love the way the golds pop out at you and make the whole garden so wonderful? I've been pretty happy with having expanded my hostas into parts of the garden I always thought of as too sunny. Now it's all looking like fall.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

WOW, now that is beautiful! What gorgeous landscaping and property!

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