Whats the secret to growing dill & chamomile?

eyesofthewolf(8b)June 20, 2010

I have had success at growing alot of different plants from seed but these 2 are driving me crazy, the seeds starts are so small I can get them to sprout but thats about as far as it gets, they seem to be so small water just knocks them down so I try to be ever so careful when I water but they just don't grow fast enough to get strong stems and take off growing because I don't want to use fert on them to soon, can someone tell me the correct way to get these into mature plants. I have started these guys 4 times this year to no avail. Thanks :o)Deanna

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I see you are in 8b, the same zone as we are (central Texas). I suspect your problem with dill and chamomile is the planting time, not the planting method.
Both herbs are cool weather herbs and die out in heat. I plant both in the fall, around mid-October. The chamomile comes up and is happy until mid-May. It reseeds itself very easily, so I just let Mother Nature take care of the planting for me. Dill will sprout in early, early spring--February for us, and is just now finishing up. It, too, reseeds prolifically. Try fall planting, and see if your luck doesn't change!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I agree with marlingardener, but will also add that anyone who regularly grows from seed should have a hose end misting (fogger) nozzle. Mine is Fogg-It; I've had it for over 25 years.

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

My Chamomile comes up all over my yard on its own in the spring just with the help of the spring rains. By June it has fizzled, and I will have another burst in fall after our summer rain, starting soon.

I have had some nice dill, just by seeding it in my lettuce beds.


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Thanks everyone for the feed back, I will try again in fall, I keep forgetting not all plants enjoy 98 degree weather even when they are babies. So I will finish out growing what I have and start new stuff in sept. Thanks again :o)Deanna

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Granted I'm in a different zone, but with me, it's not how to grow chamomile but how to keep it under control, lol. But I think my main secret is that it has invaded my shade garden. I have noticed through the years that what I first started as a sunny spot plant has moved itself to a mostly shade spot and is perfectly happy there. So while I never really thought about it, it would seem the previous advice is correct, it likes it on the cooler or shadier side.

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Thats great to know, I am always looking for plants to put in my shade garden since I have a massive amount of trees, I wanted to use these two plants as companion plants for my veggies.:o)Deanna

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