Scapes question

flora2b(z6a bc)August 6, 2012

Bear with me please as I'm trying to figure out how scapes are counted (still learning). I have some seedlings that I am growing and don't know how to record what I'm seeing.

When it is noted that a variety has 3/25 that 3 scapes on just the one fan? Does the plant send up 3 scapes off the one fan all at once, or is it one at a time as in rebloom? How do you tell?

My seedlings have more than one scape, but there is also more than one fan.....I can only see one scape coming out of each fan, thus would be 1.

Am I understanding this right?



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judydu2(ZN 9b Louisiana)

That would be 3 branches (or 3-way branching) carrying 25 buds on one scape. The number of fans on a plant is immaterial in this case.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Generally you will get 1 scape from each fan. That's normal behavior for daylilies. If you see fewer than 1 scape per large ("mature") fan, that's worse than normal. If you get additional scapes per fan (generally later), that's rebloom, and it's a good feature.

Likewise, if a plant makes more fans ("increases") quickly, that's also a good feature because it means more scapes and more blooms.

But as Judy said, the 3/25 means each 1 scape has 3-way branching (which I still don't entirely understand but there is a good explanation on AHS website) on average, and each 1 scape has 25 buds on average ("bud count").

Hope this helps.


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flora2b(z6a bc)

Thanks Nate and Judy for straightening me out.
I get it now.

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