Mint - Why Are The Edges of My Mint Leaves Brown?

focusfishJune 26, 2010


I placed some mint inside a large outdoor pot with proper drainage and a combination of Miracle Grow potting soil and last year's compost material.

Almost from the start, most of the leaves began to develop a brown, crispy edge. I can actually crumble the brownish part of the leaf and it feels just like a dead, dried leaf from a tree in the fall/winter.

The plant receives sun all day and temperature has been very hot the past month 80s - 90s. I water every day (maybe that is too much) as the heat seems to dry the soil each afternoon.

Below is a picture of one of the leaves.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks so much!

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madferret(UK 8b-9a)

I'm no expert, but are you watering from above ie. are the leaves getting wet, if so could be 'sunburn'

I've got mine in a shady spot, and TBH it takes whatever water you throw at it. I water the soil/base rather than the leafy part, just a thought.

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I do water from above occasionally and the leaves do get wet. Will try watering at the soil level.

The plants are on my deck which recieves sun ALL day long. If it is sunburn, wonder why this only effects the edges of the leaf.

Here is an additional picture. Any other thoughts? Thanks.

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mints can do better in the shade with little direct sun.
I am in zone 8, temps hovering near 100F now
and my mints are doing ok, not as good as spring time though.
I would suggest that you move your mints to a mostly shady location and water them more frequently.
But no matter what you do, they will no be as tender as they used to be in the sprng

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madferret(UK 8b-9a)

Either way you not going to kill it :)

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