handyman67August 5, 2014

So, middle of spring I purchased Roswitha from one of the bigbox retailers, it wasnt blooming yet, but the craving for new daylilies was overwhelming.

I divided it and have it currently on either side of the walk way to the front door.

It receives full sun all day and bloomed quite well for going thru the transplant and getting divided in one day.

Now to my question's...

While doing some general upkeep in the front bed and trimming off spent scapes and such, I noticed that fully 1/3-1/2 of Roswithas spent scapes had proliferation's on them and that it was re-blooming(3-way branching,5-8 buds per branch).

I checked at AHS and various other daylily sites, no mention of rebloom or proliferation anywhere. Could this be the result of tissue culture or is it just not Roswitha at all?


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I don't have it, but it looks like pics of Roswitha I remember.
AHS db doesn't mention prolifs. And I have some DLs that are not registered as rebloomers but they rebloom.
No idea if prolifs or rebloom could be side effects of tissue culture, I mostly hear of worse performance or not looking quite like the original.

ETA: I just did a quick google search and found at least 2 links mentioning Roswitha and proliferation

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Thank you for responding

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Nancy zone 6

I hesitated to respond because I'm not so sure about my Roswitha. I looked for a photo, but I guess I deleted the only photo I had of it. I've had mine for, maybe,10 years. Started out several fans, but immediately shrank to 1 fan & has remained that. Few blooms each year, although they are always lovely, but during that entire time, only 1 bloom was double. No prolifs. I can't remember where I got it, maybe a trade, but I suspect mine is not Roswitha, or maybe it is tissue culture or seedling. I've always heard that tissue cultured plants perform worse also. I would certainly be delighted if mine did as well as yours.

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When I got mine this year I specifically got the pot that had enough fans so that I could divide it for either side of the walkway to the front door.

Those same 3 fan divisions have doubled the # of fans, the first flush of blooms have the proliferation, but the rebloom scapes are showing no signs of proliferations.

I'll see what happens next year, since they'll be settled in, but I may have to move and divide them again next year, if they continue to increase at this rate...

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