david52_gwJuly 27, 2012

Mentioned I enjoy the archery and these incredible South Koreans.....

When archery opened with ranking rounds at the 2012 Olympic Games on Friday morning, South Korea took ownership of London's Lord's Cricket Ground.

Im Dong-Hyun broke his own world record with 699 points for 72 arrows. Im, mind you, is legally blind and was ranked second in the world behind U.S. archer Brady Ellison going into the Games.

Im has suffered from myopia all his life. He can see the colors on the target 70 meters away, but not much else. Corrective lenses make him uncomfortable, so he refuses to wear them while shooting. Going off of muscle memory has proven plenty effective for the two-time team gold medalist. But Im is not the only supreme talent shooting for South Korea.

The nation also set a world record for team shooting with 2087 points. It would be very easy for people to overlook the other two members. To aid South Korea en route to the record-setting finish, Kim Bub-Min had a score of 698, just a single point shy of Im's topper. As Im's previous world record was 696, Kim would have made history if not for his teammate.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I watched a bit of that. Congratulations to the winner.

Are those actually bows that they use, or technology that just happens to shoot arrows and hit the bulls-eye without any human help?

Would you take one of those out into the woods to shoot wild animals?

Has Olympic archery joined the ranks of sports that exist only for competition, like rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized diving, and have no application to real life.

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Momj, I wondered the same thing about the fancy bows. (I used to teach archery, and we used the old fashioned wooden bows with feathered arrows, probably not much different than what Robin Hood used).

The Korean who is legally blind is truly amazing, I must say.

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That he is, he says he can see the colors on the target, I guess that's enough.

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Its the same thing as the competition air rifles and regular .22 target rifles. They're about as ergonomically / theoretically tricked out as the state of the art allows. But at the end of the day, they're still shooting arrows at a pie plate at 70 meters.

But then look at the high tech swim suits they wear, they're able to knock of half a second, and in the winter olympics, the wax they use on their skies, and the skis themselves, are some incredible technology as well.

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