Can you eat Thai basil flowers?

californianJuly 10, 2007

All my thai basil plants are covered with purple flowers, in fact the flowers take up half the plant. Can I use the flowers the same way I would use the leaves? The bees certainly love the basil flowers. Are there any other use for the basil flowers?

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All basil flowers are edible.

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You can eat them but if the flower buds have opened the stalk will be woody. Even chopping in a blender will make a stringy, unappealing product. So harvest all the buds you can along with the tender tip section that breaks off with a snap (no string) before the flowers open.

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I strip the flowers off the stem and use them for garnish. The flowers taste better when they first open. They look very pretty and might even enhance one's appetite. I am heading toward my kitchen now. ;-]

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