Babysitting my close friend's herbs but they are not suffering!

BeetoShiroJuly 18, 2014

The basil plant has grown a significantly taller and has been producing little flower, but it's now in pretty bad shape IMO. The stems when I got them were starting to brown, and some of the leaves were dying. She also has lavender and rosemary and all three are indoor (We live in apartment buildings in NYC).

Looking at how the basil obviously wants to grow tall, I'm planning on getting a deeper pot for it. Any recommendations on what type of soil I should use (and pot while we're at it)? I'd like to steer away from manure (if that was even an option) because these babies are staying in my room. It can get a little humid in my room, but I can control that. I try not to water them too much, but I water them all every day. I will post up a pic of them sometime tomorrow. (the pots the basil and lavender are in are 3x3(long/wide)3.5 (tall). The Rosemary is in a smaller pot but it's taking it's sweet time to grow.

Also, two of the stems have browned leaves (the parts where the flowers come out, i'm not sure what that's called). The basil is still growing outwards from the dead areas but I was wondering if I should snip most of those stems off or is that a bad idea?

Sorry if this was jumbled or didn't make sense, it's 2:20am over here and I should have been sleeping hours ago. So If anything needs clarification, please do let me know! Thanks!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I'd like to see the pictures before making specific comments but basically your friend is on a hiding to nothing trying to grow those herbs indoors in those tiny containers. Sorry to be so negative but you've been given a well nigh impossible task there. When is the friend coming home? I'd be inclined to hope it's soon so they die on his/her watch rather than on yours.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I wouldn't water anything every day. Poke your finger in the pot a few inches to see if it is wet or not and then water if it needs it.

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