Mint leaves turning purple!

StuoobsJuly 14, 2011


I have just taken cuttings from a healthy mint plant, but the new growth of leaves on these new plants are now turning purple.

New growth is green and then goes purple.

Can anyone help??



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I usually see purple on plants like lemon balm and such when they are stressed by temperatures (cold in my case). Extreme temperatures or weather there?


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andrewofthelemon(7b Central Arkansas)

whenever i pick my lemon balm (which is in the mint family), which is OFTEN to harvest it, the harvested leaves turn purple...could these be dying O_O?

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I've never had harvested leaves turn purple. They dry green. I've only seen a dark color on harvested leaves (black!) when I tried to use a food dehydrator to dry them. The lowest setting is just too hot for it.


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