Lime Basil

mauirose(11)July 21, 2009

i've wandered over here for a bit of inspiration on advice from the veggie forum. Not growing advice, mind you, it's doing that just fine. It's what to do with it that i need a little help with. The flavor is so assertively...limey...that it doesn't seem like basil at all. And yet not very citrusy, either. i'm sure it's perfect for something but i can't think what and it's making me feel a bit dull.

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I haven't gotten my hands on any lime basil yet, but is it much like lemon basil? I've made a very nice lemon basil pecan pesto in the past. I bet a lime basil pistachio pesto would be good.

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Maybe in Thai food, substituting for real lime leaves and lime peel? Or for iced tea? Give an extra kick to limeade? I've never grown this myself, but it sounds good.

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I put it in salad w/ a good lemon & oil dressing. The lemonade sounds good; I'll have to try that.

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