A crazy one, sibs, and one more..

silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)August 5, 2012

The first time Ive ever seen this flower.. frankly its wacky, lol.

I dont know to use it , discard it, or let it be for 2 more years and see what it does..

Here is a picture of two sibs... to show you how close they look to each other, its the leslee renee x ss cross, the one on the left is the superiour one, it can have thicker edging in the right days, has a superiour eyezone, lays flater, the one on the right is very similiar, but doesnt always look as pretty. I have alot of pods on the one on the right this year.

The cosmic oddessey x jitterbug blues, it hasnt taken pods yet, but ive used its pollen around, its really young though, so it still might set in the future.


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I don't know I like the first one and would give it some more time, your third seedling to me is a stunner.

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Julia NY(6)

I'd also give the first one another year.

Is your second seedling comparison pic top heavy in buds?

I agree, the last seedling pic would be my pick. Love the pencil edging of the two different colors.


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I agree. I think that first one deserves time to "settle in".

That last seedling is a beauty.

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Love the last seedling. Avedon

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That last seedling is striking. I'm not that up on eyed daylilies so I can't say that if it is distinctive or not, but it is at least both unusual (not just another pink (not dissing your pink seedling!)) and pretty. Congrats!

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

The last one is only a improvement if you consider a white base superiour to the mauve one that cosmic shows.. otherwise its pretty similiar. I think it contrasts more with the white base , but it wouldnt differ enough to do anything with other then breed with it.

Its pretty subtle but its a triple colour edge with the dark purple, light purple and fine gold edge.

I understand about the pinks, but a friend of mine raved about the power of leslee renee to start to take blue eyes, thats my plan , if I can get a crop based out of my heaviest pie crusting edges with it, If I get one showing that same familiar eye zone, with a heavier pie crusting, I will then go back into my blue eyed lines. Ive tried it already it hasnt done what I wanted yet, but I will continue trying. (though the seedling I got, is still wonderful from that try, it just isnt the heavy blue eye with a pink wash background Im looking for, I have no doubt people will be years ahead of me before I get one that I want, but thats ok, Im also breeding for cold zones, or colder zones I should say)


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