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playinmud(z6)October 2, 2008

I was driving past a local golf course (has a lot of mature oak trees) and I saw of all things a black squirrel. For as much as I hate squirrels, this was a pretty thing, it was totally black. I didn't know they existed! About a quarter a mile down the road and there was another one. I looked around the web and it seems that the black squirrel simply has a more melanin than the grey squirrel, and the all white is an albino with no melanin. The black is rare, but the albino is rarer.

Anyone ever see a black squirrel? If you have, please forgive my childish enthusiasm, I just wanted to share this cool sighting.


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aahostas(z5 central Il.)

I haven't seen a black one but 50 miles east of here is a town named Olney that is known as the home of the white squirrel. They have a park that is full of them. There is a stiff fine for even looking at them cross eyed!!Link attached. http://www.ci.olney.il.us/Visitors/WhiteSquirrel.htm


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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

There are black squirrels in Blair, NE, where I worked for 11+ years. I always thought they looked pretty cool too! They seem to be fighters though, and had driven out most of the red squirrels.

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Yep, I've seen them in Indiana! The Winona Lake area was where I first spotted them!
They are sort of startling to see, at first, aren't they!

The squirrels in the Netherlands are very small, mostly red with long black tufts
on the ears and gray around the eyes! I remember when they ran up on the patio
of the bungalow we were staying in, they really gave me a scare! They looked like little demons!!!
I still remember that day--in fact, it was literally moments after first arriving to our new 'home
away from home'!

Now, the all-white ones are just beautiful! We had one for years that would make an
occasional visit to our back yard and the whole family of them originate a few blocks
over from us--and to this day they still are producing more white ones!

It use to be said that the white ones were indigenous to this area of Ohio!

Here's a link to a squirrel in Holland, (YouTube)minus the ear tufts, probably because it is summer
at the time of the video! I think the tufts present more in the winter!!

Here's a second YouTube link that shows a bit more of the tufts just beginning to sprout!


Here is a link that might be useful: Dutch eekhorn/squirrel

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Oh, I just found this really neat photo of a red and a black squirrel, together!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Yes,I have seen black squirrels in Michigan,where my wife is from. Down here and all through the south,we only have grey squirrels,and down in Florida there is a squirrel called a fox squirrel,which looks like a grey squirrel on steroids! Phil

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We have a couple of black squirrels in the woods, they are pretty privet little creatures,only come out on occation,we also have hunters in this neck of the woods and i worry all the time some nut may want to shot it just to have it hang on the wall.(No, i am not against hunting, as long as you EAT what you kill )when i first saw one i thought it was a black cat, way cool.

Janice, i love the picture of the red and black together,i wish i could get a good shot of the gray squirel with the silver-blue tail to show you all,so dramatic in appearence.

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Hey_J reported seeing them in the Winona Lake area of Northern Indiana . . . That's just a few miles from Lake Wawasee, where I lived before moving to Tennessee in the spring. My parents lived in Goshen, in that same area, and over a span of 40+ years watched the black squirrels gradually expand their territory from one area of town to encompass the entire town and beyond. They seem to be more aggressive than their grey cousins, and once there are lots of black ones, you don't see greys any more. Legend was that a wealthy townsman was so taken with the black ones somewhere in Europe that he imported a few pair to his estate in Goshen, and now they've taken over.

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Oh thanks everyone.

Thanks for the info about the white squirrels Denny!

Janice, great pic of the squirrels. We've had the smaller red ones, but they're usually nocturnal (I think) and you don't usually see them. The black one is so different, I really like it.


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

This is probably the 3rd year that "Rocky" the flying squirrel has appeared at my bird feeder,but here he is again! Phil

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Phill, i can't pull up your picture of Rocky,would love to see him,:0)Love the name too.
We used to have flying squirrels out here, i don't know what has happened to them they have been gone for about 7 years now,

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goldedger(z5 Ontario Canada)

I expected to see some weird animal when I opened this post, LOL, but instead I see you're talking about the daily visitors to our yard (we get grey ones, black ones, and an occasional black one with a red tail). We have a grey one with a white belly that we call Houdini 'cause he's so adept at getting to the most challenging birdfeeders. He just keeps trying, plotting new paths.

This one's called Rat, he gets very excited about his peanuts.

Rocky's cute, enterprising little fellow.

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davidlee(z7 / SWArk)

Hi folks,

I hardly ever post, but when I saw the white squirrels mentioned I just had to. A few years ago I lived near Kenton, Tennessee, whose primary claim to fame is the fact that white squirrels live in the town. And as someone else said, you had better not even look crosswise at them or the local police will be looking closely at you!

I found this link and thought you might like to check it out. It tells of several towns who claim to be the original home of the white squirrels. It's kinda funny!

Here is a link that might be useful: White Squirrel Towns

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How cute Rocky is, i am jelious,i wish they were here,like i said, we used to have them here,but no more.
What do you fed them?
I put bird seed out all most daily,maybe they do come at night and i just don't see them.
I love your picture,thanks for sharing it.:0)

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Carol,I don't really feed them. He is on one of my bird feeders,at night. (They are nocturnal) We have the french doors open,and I hear the crash when he lands on the feeder,so I know he is there! Sometimes he can't get into the feeder,because of the slope of the roof,and he slips off,but they can glide,so he just come right back up. This is a deck,about twenty feet from the ground. When he can get to the feeder,he just eats,until he gets enough,then just leaps off into space,and glides to a nearby tree! I keep saying he,but it could be a female,too! They come back every year,usually during the summer. Phil

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Ohhhhhhhh,You are so lucky Phil,what a treat for the soul.ha ha ha, i got a kick out of "when i hear the Crash" you know he-she is out there,to funny.

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Most of the squirrels are black in my neck of the woods. We even had an albino gal... although we haven't seen her at all this year. I have a few distant photos someplace, I will see if I can find them. She was very skittish and evasive... understandably so!
Goldedger, I just noticed Rat has a cat admirer below and she doesn't seem to be bothered one bit.

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Meet Dolly.....

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Oh wow, what neat squirrels!

Phil I've never seen a flying squirrel in my area. We do have small red squirrels that are the size of that little fella though. But they're very timid and don't come around much.

Love Rat and Dolly, wonder if they got together if you'd get a parti colored squirrel?


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