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Julia NY(6)August 8, 2012

Still plugging away at dividing and moving plants but had to give up on it over the weekend since we hit another hot/humid spell.Rain came but not that much. Monday brought much cooler and pleasant weather so back to moving a few more. However, weather forecast for today through Friday is hot and humid again with showers possibly everyday.

I took these yesterday when our morning temp was at 59 degrees.

RAMBUNCTIOUS ROSIE - blooming again but still has short scapes. It is new this spring so can't complain about the short scapes. It did poly though.

ROUEN CATHEDRAL - just amazing how many scapes and buds are left to open.

I have to tackle my very large clumps of WEB OF INTRIGUE and BAHAMA BUTTERSCOTCH. I'm procrastinating a bit as I know these are going to be back breakers.

Time to get started.


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I love polymerous daylilies so my favorite is Rambunctious Rosie. It's also named after my dog so it goes on my never ending list. Marg

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Love the picture of Rambunctious Rosie, naturally, since it will arrive here in the fall. Hoping next spring to get some flowers as good as yours have been. Be careful digging and dividing, don't throw out your back. Those big clumps are difficult to get out. We need to do lots of ours, considering calling up the neighbors who like DLs and seeing if they would like to help--we'll be glad to give plants to them if they are interested. Avedon

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How pretty they both are, Julia! I especially like Rambunctious Rosie since I too really like polys.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Beautiful! I have managed to avoid dividing any daylilies this year although I am sure I really should.

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Julia NY(6)

Thank you for the comments. RR certainly is rambunctious for a new planting.

I got both - WOI and BB - dug, divided and replanted one clump in the back and one in the front. I had so much extra I stuck the remainder in buckets of water till the heat passes again and then decide what to do with the remainder.
No rain so far but they keep saying we are going to get some. I noticed when I dug the two out, the soil was very dry. I'm sure I'll lose blooms next year but I'd rather do it this year instead of waiting another year.


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