Anyone order from either of these companies??

ruthzAugust 3, 2012

I emailed Brisco's Best Blooms (2 times) and Baylin's Daylily Farm about ordering daylilies and got no response from either. I thought maybe they were on vacation or just very busy, but it's been several weeks and nothing.

Do any of you have experience with them.

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Brisco's Best Blooms isn't a company - it's a one-man operation. So sure, he could be on vacation. I have found that people do not always read all their emails, so Fred may not have seen yours. If you go to his blog, you'll find a phone number included as contact info. I typically assume that, if someone gives out a phone number, it's OK to call. That's what I do.

BTW I visited the garden a couple of years ago. It was an open garden associated with a Region 3 summer meeting. A really interesting garden; in fact, we didn't have enough time to look at everything - at least, not the way I look at things. ;) Fred has (or had) an interest in bitones and bicolors, and I'd never seen a garden with that emphasis before.

The other place you mention - I've not heard of it.

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icebird28(7 (8A))

Ruthz, did you ever order from Baylin? If so, how was your experience? I've seen several varieties on their site that I'm interested in.

Let us know.


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I never got a response from either company.
Would be interested to hear your experience with them.

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icebird28(7 (8A))

Well, after my post, I continued to do research and on another forum I read about pretty bad experiences with Baylin regarding what the person received was not true to description or name and considering the prices they are wanting for the newer ones, I wouldn't risk it, so I've decided I will probably go with bloomingauction.

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I've only ordered daylilies from 5 different places, but my favorite of those is Wynn's.

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I had bad experience with Baylins daylily farm. Small fans arrived tightly packed in plastic bags almost rotten. One didn't survived despite all my efforts to save it (and it was 50 $ plant). One survived and bloomed following year and was totally mislabeled and not even pretty :(

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Fred of Brisco's Best Blooms is a good friend of mine. We trade and talk daylilies on a regular basis. When I lived in Maryland, he was only 15 minutes from my house. He is a wonderful person, but extremely busy. I would suggest calling him, as he does not always answer emails in the timeliest manner. I did email him about your attempt to place an order. I know he is most likely lining out more than a 1,000 fans as he is trying to eliminate some varieties to make room for some newer ones. He is working hard on collecting more bitones and bicolors as I gave him a double fan of CLOWN PARADE when I visited MD at the beginning of August. This is his latest obsession. Prior to the bitones and bicolors, it was spiders and UFOs (which he still has many of). Best of luck in getting a hold of him.


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