Mint propagation

Fouad123July 22, 2014

hi all .I started rooting mint cutting a week ago in water .I put a sprig of fresh mint in a cup of water and covered it with a transparent nylon bag to retain humidity and prevent direct sunlight as it is hot here in Egypt (up to 86 F )this days.when I checked the plant today i saw roots from almost all the nodes of the plant(submerged and not submerged parts ). What shall I do ?shall I remove leaves from all rooted nodes and bury it all or just bury the lower one or two nodes ?
another question : Is planting in peat moss only better or in sterilized garden soil as I don't have a lot of options regarding soil?

Thanks in advance

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As you have found out, mint is EASY.

Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the plant and put it in ordinary potting soil. Keep it moist.

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