SOS - My Rosemary is dying!

HSindleyJuly 4, 2012

Good morning,

I have a huge rosemary plant that has grown over the past few years into quite a large sized bush. It's planted in the ground, and over the past week the leaves have steadily been going brown.

We just got done dealing with drought busting tropical storm Debby last week and Beryl a few weeks before here in north Florida. I also have the rosemary getting watered twice per day for 10 minutes automatically - is it too much water causing this?

I've had this plant for so long and I don't want to lose it - is there anything I can do at this point to save it?


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I do not know much about Elephant Ears because they are not widely grown here but my understanding is that they require constantly moist soil. Entirely different from the conditions rosemary needs. My guess is your rosemary is suffering from too much water. Rosemary comes from the Mediterranean where it is adapted to endure weeks of no rain at all. 20 minutes water per day? It's drowning.

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