My yarrow has fungus :(

HSindleyJuly 4, 2012

Good morning,

We've been dealing with some extremely wet weather here in North Florida over the past few weeks with both tropical storm Debby & Beryl. After Beryl, I noticed that A LOT of my once beautiful bushy yarrow had died - in fact, there was only a small top 'layer' of leaves that hadn't yet turned brown. So I began cleaning out the dead leaves & found what looked like white cottony fungus growing where the stems meet the soil, as well as on top of the soil.

I cleaned it all out, cut off any leaves that had the 'fungus', added fresh soil to replace what I'd cleaned out and went on my merry way, thinking I had fixed the issue.

Well, the fungus is back again and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get rid of the fungus - you can see it towards the right side of the pic I uploaded. I try to garden organically as much as possible (hence cleaning out the fungus rather than spraying with fungicide) - is there anything organic that I can do to get rid of the fungus? I'd rather not spray the plant, but I've had it for many years and will spray a fungicide if I have to, to save the plant. Should I just go ahead & spray it with something like neem oil to rid it of the fungus?

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I've had tremendous success using medicated bath and body powder to treat plant diseases like this. I buy the generic version at the dollar store, it's about a fourth of the cost of the name brand. The active ingredients are Zinc oxide, and oils of eucalyptus, thyme, and menthol.

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Ok, that's one I've never heard before! I'll ask......... you put the powder right on the plants and soil, or mix with water, or what? You've really got me curious - how did you ever get this idea?!?
I learn something new every day....

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