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chocolateis2b8(5OH)October 22, 2006

Let's hear what scares you since it is almost Halloween.

What made me think of this post is that I actually laid down and watch tv today, a rare event for me, and what was on that caught my eye was Steven Kings, Children of the Corn.

First let me state, I do not normally watch horror movies because I can't stand the sight of blood. I can and have treated terrible wounds on others or animals without batting an eye, my mother instincts kick in and I do it, but I can not watch it on tv or in movies, I am just too passive or soft hearted for that.

The first time I watch this movie was many, many years ago, it was late at night, I was all alone and had a huge corn field growing behind me. Needless to say, it creeped me out big time, couldn't even finish the movie. I ended up closing all my shades and hiding under the covers.

This time I'm thinking, it's daylight outside so I'm going to actually watch it and finish the movie. The thing I forgot is that I again have a huge corn field behind me and I have walked through previous corn fields to get to my best friend place and have almost got lost in them, it really is a big field. So now I'm creeped out again. Should have never watched that movie, now instead of walking back with the hosta dog, I'll be driving, which takes longer, to get to my best friends house.

Another thing that terrifies me is being alone in the dark. I'll sit on my porch with the light on and listen to the night music as I call it, but don't ask me to go out past that at night alone. But this fear has a real cause. I use to have over 100 pedigreed show rabbits along with the varied critters, and I would go out before work, about 3am to do the morning chores. To do this I would have to walk past the detached garage, along side of it and past to the barn. Never a problem until I had the neighbors from hell move in two houses down. They figured they were out in the country so their pair of untrained and nasty Rotts were free to roam as they wanted. One morning I was just getting done with the barn duties, it's pitch black out, and I come around the corner to the open side of my pitch black garage and there was one of these nasty rotts in there getting into my garbage. This thing comes out of that black space at me in full force, I'm talking a full grown rott coming at you from a dark space, barking, snarling, teeth bared, the whole nine yards. It curved it's attack just short of me, but needless to say, well let's just say, I don't know how I didn't chit myself but I sure was one shaken little girl. And I am sorry to say, I was not the only person these rotts terrorize. I do feel sorry for the dogs in the long run, they terrorize the wrong person at some point, one came home shot and died, one never came home, but I blame the owners for letting them get to this point.

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uhh... maybe it was my mom that shot it, LOL!!!
we broke and raised horses when I was a little girl, we had the neighbors like yours move down the road, they let their two rotts run wild, they chased our horses and the neighbors cattle, one day when I rode past their house on one of the horses they came out and were snapping at Hanks heels, well he let fly and caught one of them on the breast bone.
the other one was running one of our mares until it gave premature deliver, the foal didn't make it.
he came out and was running them again, we hollered it ran in the other direction away from the horses and my mother took a bent barreled 30 ought 6 and shot at the dog, never in a million years did she think she would actually shoot it. those people had the gall to write a article in a local advertisment paper about how someone had shot their beloved dog and killed it(they had been spoken to lots of times and just did not care what the dogs were doing to the livestock)
Children of the corn scares the carp out of me too.
and I am afraid of the dark too.
but mine is any dark at any place outside, I am a big ole chicken!

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Put me in the category of people who do not like things that go bump in the night. I am such a chicken, that if it is dark out, I will not take the trash to the container that is 5 steps into an unlit area next to our house. There is nothing in that trash that HAS to go out before daylight! LOL!

As far as movies, I am okay with the blood guts and gore variety - slashers, monsters, etc don't make me blink. But anything with demonic possession and I start to shake and feel nauseated right at the beginning. I tried to watch the Exorcism of Emily Rose a few days ago - mid-afternoon - and even the music during the opening credits spooked me so badly, I never watched the movie at all.

Ouiji boards also scare the daylights out of me.... has something to do with a book I read years ago about demonic possession, the investigators said that a Ouiji board can welcome very negative spirits into your life. Ever since then, I avoid them at all costs.

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I am very impressionable and try to guard what I watch and what I read. I believe our minds are like crystal balls, that can get cluttered and darkened by what we put in them...for me too it is the "evil and perverted" stuff, I just simply avoid it all as much as I can.

Because I limit my mind's input, when I'm awake I'm not afraid of anything. HOWEVER...I watched Mel Gibson's "Signs", and I live in an old house with a big front porch. Watching those creatures scale the front of the house and get in, really creeped me out. I sleep on the second floor above the front porch...I watched that movie 2 years ago and I still cannot sleep with the front windows open at night. They are locked up tighter than a drum when I close my eyes.

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hi all...

i watched friday the 13th (Part 1) when i was young....haven't watched another like it since....

and i have to agree....any demon type movie,,,game,,,etc,,,i stay away from also....

and i won't be getting any "Fallen Angel" or the like for my garden either....i don't believe in looking for trouble...


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A person I know lets her 6 and 7 year old watch scary movies (I think 'saw' was one of them) I cannot watch anything unless it is a comedy or a super gentle mystery, the romantic movies bore me and the horror and action freak me out, my hubby watched that 'signs' movie the other night, I have to say I had to go outside, The LLbeginning was enough to send me running, oh and that 'Final Destination' series, he was watching the 3rd one the other day and I had to leave during the kicten scene, gives me the willies just thinking about it!
pretty bad 'cause the 'puter is next to the t.v and if he is watching something I can't take, I cannot sit on the computer while he is watching it.

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Intersting that several people mentioned "Signs" as a scary movie. I didn't find that scary at all! LOL!

Maybe it is because most of it was filmed in my home town. It was really fun while they were filming, I got to shake hands with Mel Gibson and it was neat to see all the Hollywood types running all over my sleepy little town.

And the bookstore is exactly how it looks in the movie - that is one of my favorite places to browse!


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