Catch Up - New Additions III

hostabffAugust 10, 2014

Here's more new additions. The weather has been perfect this summer - not too hot so the blooms have been long. A good example of this is the Casablanca Lilies. They have been in bloom for two weeks and still going strong. The prior two years rain rotted them within three days.

Casablanca Lilies

Dripping in Gold - really not pink at all. This is a pale yellow with a darker gold edge. It's interesting how certain daylilies will consistently photograph one color and you see another with the eye.

Carnival Mask - a very nice gift plant

Cerulean Warbler - gotta love the blues...and daylilies with bird names...

Black Falcon Ritual - no disappointments here - it is exactly as promised

Catherine June Wood - first year with good blooms

Another pic of the Casablanca Lilies - there is a lot of white going on right now in my Sunny Perennial Border making for a nice evening show.

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Beautiful photos! I love the lilies. They are so nice. I just added Black Falcon Ritual, so glad to see it too. Cerulean Warbler is a nice one. I moved mine this year since it had become shaded by the monster New Dawn rose. Carnival Mask is quite nice too.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I love the last picture of your very pretty. I just love Casablanca too. I started out loving true lilies before I got into daylilies so I have been growing Casablanca for many years, along with a multitude of other lilies. They smell so good and are so beautiful. My favorite of your daylilies is Black Falcon Ritual. Are those alliums in your border?

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I think Debra had some problems with Cerulean Warbler. I'm surprised it is growing well so far north. The Casablanca lilies are pristine. I also like the hydrangeas behind the gardens.

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You got all the nice ones. Love the bed shot! My Casablancas are down to one this year, which only had 2 buds :( I'll try to move it.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Those lilies are very pretty, I also love the lilies of all kinds and colors.I also like Carnival Mask ,, didn't think I would, but,I find it very pretty, and also Black Falcon Ritual, too, love them dark ones.


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Celeste - Those are alliums - Siberian Alliums nutans. You don't see this variety often in the garden centers in New England. When other gardeners visit, they always comment and ask about them.

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